Sunday, October 24, 2010

the phone rang...

the phone rang...
and it was good news!

I've been on a buying spree...

anyone who saw me shopping could tell I was on a mission
"mission possible"

there are a lot of tacky cat things lurking about in shops
I tried to be a savvy shopper
I only want the best for my new kitten
I hope that I have chosen wisely...

non skid bowls
kittens like to play
let's keep the food and water stable!

a perch
to look out the window
and see the hummingbirds as they drink at the feeder
a bobble
to bat about
and a carpet clad post to claw the way to the top!

a scratching pad
please use this instead of the leather loveseats...

a washable micro fiber bed

a feather on a string toy
add kitty litter, food, and love
we are so ready...

she will make her debut tomorrow...
not a coming out party or a debutante's ball
no spread in Country Life magazine

I will be picking her up from the vetrinarian's clinic
her story is heart wrenching...
she was found clinging to the body of her recently deceased mother's body
her brother too...
 3 weeks old in farmers field
her brother did not survive even with the expert care of the vets and technicians
she is a fighter and has captured the love and hearts of all who have bottle fed, nursed and cared for her...
they are sad to see her go
they shed tears
(I've seen them)
she has tugged on their heart strings
she may tug at yours
she's a charmer!

I promised that I will be emailing pictures to the crew regularly...
they have such devotion, love and efforts to save and tend for those whose futures look bleak

I would encourage you to donate to a local animal rescue organization
money, time, a gift for their fundraising drive...

I might not sleep much tonight....
I am like a nervous mom in labour...
tomorrow all will be changed

Pepper is the favourite name so far
thank you staircase witch

I'll need to have some time to see what kind of personality she has...
and will decide on her name...
Pepper does sound like a spunky, sure footed puss, with just the right amount of sass!

Happy days...
hugs all round!

smiling from here...:)


  1. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    I wish you all the joy with your cat - she can be happy after her hard fate to come to such a loving person and such a beautiful home! Now I know why you are up so early: expectation. The best wishes for you all! Britta

  2. Wonderful news! No one but you, could provide the kitty a better home! You are The Hostess after all. I´m also waiting for the first picture, xo.

  3. Oh Hostess we are SOOO excited here in Australia to hear about your new arrival - hugs from Me, Mr SE (who ADORES cats) and of course Button our Ragdoll cat. X

  4. I'm so happy for you! What a heart-wrenching story is right. So sorry about her brother and mother.

  5. Congratulations, Hostess and family!

    What wonderful news.

    SSG xxx

  6. Yay!!! I can't wait to see a photo of the new kitty! Cats are such good, loving friends.

  7. Oh, poor little girl. Well, her luck is about to change, thank God you found her!


  8. So happy that kitty will have such a WONDERFUL home with you. You both deserve this happiness. xoxo

  9. How about naming her Maneki Neko? You could call her Neko for short.

  10. Poor little kitten, such an unhappy begining but now she is going to have a wonderful life with you. All the accoutrements are great...the bed looks so cuddly. Hope she settles in quickly. Pictures...I hope.

  11. Dear Hostess, All the cats I have ever owned have come from Cat Rescue organisations and they have, every one of them been so very loving. It is as if they are grateful that someone has come along and shhown them the love that they have not known previously. I am certain that Pepper will be so loving towards you and will thank you every day of her life for rescuing her and giving her a good home.

    However, if my experience is anything to go by, no amount of bought goodies will replace the thrill of live bird chasing, scratching the furniture and sleeping in the curtains. But, does it matter?!!

  12. Aw, I never expected my childhood feline friend's name to be in the running! But cats often also suggest their own names to you after you become acquainted... I'm so happy for you, and for her (what a horrible way to begin life, and what a happy ending!) and really looking forward to the new baby pictures.

  13. Oh hooray, a new kitty!!! And a rescue to boot. You'll make her new little life very happy, I'm sure.

  14. What a sad start to her life, but a happy ending. I love the preparations you've made for her, you are the best hostess/cat-mum ever!!

    Thank you for reminding me that it's time to make my annual donation to Toronto Cat Rescue.

  15. This is wonderful news! We've been in a similar position. Our beloved black cat died at the end of the summer, three weeks off his eighteenth birthday. He, too, was a farm kitten. His mother was run over by a tractor when he was tiny. The farmer's wife fed him with a dropper, and he lived in a box by the Aga until she handed him over to me aged four weeks. It took me quite a while to find a suitable name before deciding that he was a 'Rupert'. He could be timid and tetchy, and was never the lap-cat I'd expected, but he saw me through difficult and good times, and I adored him. I used to tell him that he was God's representative on earth!
    He left such a gap, even though his death was expected. I've been offered kittens since, but, like you, I need some healing time.
    If Stickley could, I'm sure he would have left recommendation that his place as Bungalow Cat be filled in due course!

  16. Such a touching rescue; thanks for doing it. Looking forward to meeting her.

  17. Our new little bundle is keeping me very busy!
    Yeaterday she slept on my lap most of the afternoon waking up periodically to snuggle and purr.

  18. What a sad story but with such a positive outcome. Glad you're getting the kitten and I'm looking forward to pictures. I echo your comments on rescue organizations. There are so many "unwanted" animals out there and the organizations really need help - monetary, time, and adoptions.