Thursday, October 28, 2010

Special delivery....and our Pepper

         My pre-ordered books from amazon finally arrived

I am reading Savvy Chic at the moment

I am enjoying her writing style...
and she shares some good ideas...
minimalist wardrobing
vintage garments
chic uncluttered leather bags
cooking simple elegant meals and entertaining strategies
luxe for less
creative and dramatic decor choices that add glam and suggest wealth
as in "old money"
and much more...

I hope to finish this tomorrow 
in time to jump into 

The Bag Lady Papers

I have wanted to read this book ever since I saw the Town and Country magazine with an article on Alexandra Penney...
she had all her investment "eggs in one basket"
 and lost them all
she tells us what it felt like to lose everything 
and how she survived this devastating personal crisis...

I have a sneaky feeling this is going to be good!

and peeking out of her bed
our new kitten 

our Bungalow looks quite dishevelled these days
look here at Janet's lovely cottage

I am going to live with some dust and disorder 
 focus on reading
and some serious tea drinking...
and I will just turn a blind eye for a few days...

I wonder how long I can last
how long can you ignore dust bunnies and chaos?


  1. These books sound interesting. Hostess please give us reviews on each.
    Pepper appears most regal. Can I assume this little bundle is now in charge at the humble bungalow?

  2. Dear Hostess, my personal best for ignoring dust and chaos is - how old is Boy 1 now? - that's it, almost 10years! xx

  3. The books sound great Hostess - ignore the dust and enjoy them and dear little Pepper - she is the sweetest! x

  4. hi leslie,

    i read that article in t&c and so want to read that book. let us know what you think of it. play with that kitty, way more fun than what i've been up to this week.


  5. Dear Hostess, The look in Pepper's eye tells me that she has already worked out how to get her own way in everything at the Bungalow. Just sit back and enjoy!!

  6. Pepper!!!! Hooray! Love that name. What a gorgeous kitty!
    And thanks for the book suggestions. Off to Amazon I go....

  7. Your have a name! Love it...she just looks like Pepper.(-: Books look good, especially the "Savvy Chic" - I love that kind of stuff.

  8. Two more books to add to my list, thanks Leslie!

    Pepper is adorable, she makes me want to add another addition to our family.

    I've lived with chaos and dust bunnies for almost three years, and find wine, and poor eyesight, help tremendously.

  9. Anne-Marie- You are spot on...Pepper rules our domain!
    I'll add a few comments on the books soon.

    Blighty- If I had children at home, I'd have an excuse!

    Semi Expat- She is so much more fun than a duster...she does love I could do double duty with a feather duster...hmm, no I don't think so!

    The gardener's cottage- Janet, I will let you know about the book...and Pepper tugs at my heart strings...I am compelled to snuggle...we are bonding!

    Edith Hope- Those eyes are very convincing...and she has me hook line and sinker...her little chirrups are so endearing.

    LaBelette Rouge-I wish I could have been more helpful with the naming of you newest venture...please let us know how we can see the posts....and Pepper fits...she's a gem.

    LaVieQuotidienne- It is a fun read...maybe not as indepth as it could be...I'll let you know.

    The Duchess of H- I have lived through renos...and know gyproc dust intimately!
    I think when I am not reading I will take my glasses off...
    I never even considered that!
    What brilliance...and the wine...sounds yummy!
    How about a survival guide book? Timeless tips from the Duchess?

  10. I read Penney's book--pretty self-indulgent as many said, but a powerful story nonetheless.

    I read the other author's first book--Three Black Skirts. It was a lot of fun and I hope the new one is too.

  11. Frugal scholar- I have not read Three Black Skirts...Anna Johnson has a way with words and cuts to the chase.
    I have not heard any reviews of Penney's I am approaching it with and open mind.

  12. just train that little Pepper to chase the dust bunnies out of the way, and you'll have oodles more time for reading.

  13. materfamilias- Great thought!...
    So far I think prefers stuffed mice...but it's early days.