Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ode to Joy...

Behold the very first cookbook
given to me by my husband on our first Christmas
we had been married 5 months at the time
it was around this time that my love of all things kitcheny and cookery was born

One of my favourite time honoured and tested recipes that never fails me

I successfully double this when we have extra guests

these are definitely a guilty pleasure
I pour a bit of gravy from the roast beef into mine

on the menu:

Roast Beef
roasty potatoes
yellow peppers
Yorkshire pudding
I serve Colman's hot mustard and Woodman's horseradish on the side

there will be no dessert as this is more than enough to satisfy our appetities!

look at this book
I could replace it but it would not have the same feeling
this book is 36 going on 37 years old
an oldie but a goodie

What is your favourite all time cookbook?


  1. Just the old basic red & white Better Homes and Garden that I got 39 years ago for a wedding present. (I'm not such a cookbook person so haven't needed a lot...but this one is familiar and contains all the basic information I have needed.)

  2. I received a Betty Crocker cookbook for a wedding present 42 years ago. The family who gave it to me wrote notes in the cookbook, each picking out favorite recipes of theirs, adding their comments. The cover is loose and some of the pages are missing, but it is lovingly placed on a shelf with my other cookbooks. My favorite all time cookbook.

  3. The joy of cooking was my first cook book to, but from my dad on Christmas morning. Its my go to cookbook to learn about anything. I actually have an obsession with cookbooks and could endlessly buy cook books. I dont think I could pick a favorite!

  4. Rebecca-I have many friends who have this book and it is their favourite as well.

    Diane-I love that the family personalized your gifted copy...and congratulations on 42 year of marriage...I hope to get there myself!

    Kate-I also have a large collection of cookbooks...everything from Vi's Indian cuisine to Jamie Oliver at Home and Joanne Harris in the French Market Cookbook...always inspire me to cook better!

  5. Who is your Joy of Cooking by, Hostess? The yorkshire puds look AMAZING!!! I too have a quite a few cookbooks - I always used to refer to Delia Smith but if I would have to pick one I would say a slim paperback by Nigel Slater is my 'go-to' favourite. x

  6. Your well-loved Joy of Cooking looks so authentic and frequently used! If you felt so inclined you could probably have it repaired by a bookbinder. It has a nice vintage look as it is though.

    I have an Alison Holst cookbook which I've referred to more than any other (she's an iconic New Zealand cook from way back). I love my Nigella books but just seem to read them rather than cook from them. Aussie Donna Hay is great too. I've cooked tons from her books. I love, love, love Nigel Slater's writing but again, just read.

    Great post idea!

  7. I have an old Betty Crocker cookbook, the one with the red cover, that is my go-to cookbook. It has some good, basic recipes and general information on preparing a wide variety of produce.

  8. hmmmm, my comment appears to have been gobbled up. . . we seem to have exactly the same cookbook, both equally loved and delapidated. And my yorkshire pudding recipe is equally spattered from decades of batter-making

  9. Those yorkshire puddings look yummy. My favorite and most used cookbook is actually for easy but reasonably authentic Chinese food. China Express, by Nina Simonds.

  10. Dear Hostess, What a great British tradition, Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. Delicious!

    As for cookbooks, I have none. I do not cook.

  11. What a delicious post. I am salivating just reading that menu. Yummy!!! You know how to make a girl hungry. Can I have some horseradish wiht my roast beef?;-)

  12. I think that your battered cookbook is a wonderful recommendation. I have often heard the joy of cooking described as the "Bible" of all cookbooks. I have always loved good food, but have had limited experience as a cook. (For years my husband did most of the cooking.) I am only now learning to cook. I find that I like cookbooks with pictures that inspire me.

  13. Semi Expat- The Joy of Cooking is by Irma Rombauer and Marion Becker and was first published in 1931! I have never even heard fo Nigel Slater...I'll check him out on the internet.

    Fiona- I know of Donna Hay and Nigella but will need to do some research on the others.
    I may repair this book myself...all the necessary tools are in my library at school!

    Cherie- My BFF has that red and white cookbook, she got hers about the time I received this one.

    materfamilias- birds of a feather...after the Opera, yours might be a boa!

    LPC- I have tried many a recipe for Chinese dishes and they are a disappointment...I'll check out Nina's book...thanks for the tip.

    Edith Hope- We are a very "English bunch" and a lot of our meals harken back to what our mothers prepared and served us.
    There might be a copy of Mrs. Beeton's book in your pantry that your housekeeper uses!

    LaBeletteRouge-Horseradish is available...
    I often get hungry when I read posts from other bloggers!
    The power of suggestion.

  14. Yorkshires were unknown to me till I moved from Michigan to Canada in early '71- but I arrived with a ca 1940's Joy (tattered then, practically in shreds now). We depend on Patricia Wells' French Bistro cooking, and Madeleine Kamman's When French Women Cook, which I've always said should be titled When French Women Do Dishes for the sheer abandon with which she uses pots.

  15. I confess I am not a lover of cookbooks because I never stick to receipes.
    However I do cherish a notebook I started as a newlywed (28yrs ago) with receipes hastily written or pasted in. This book is falling apart.
    Like you I've thought of replacing but hey, too many memories!

  16. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden- Your blog is full of colour and you are in Canada! Welcome and have fun in the kitchen.

    Duchesse-Patricia Wells is on my radr too...she does a fine roast beef supper....and French cooking techniques are worthy... market cooking always fresh.

    Anne-Marie-You are a true cook if you do not rely on the printed word...I would bet that your notebook is a family heirloom!

  17. Hostess: As I have told, cooking is not a passion for me. I do have cook books, though I seldom use them. Preparing my humble meals, I only use my imagination. I´m sure that my family would appreciate me for spending a bit more time in the kitchen ; )!

  18. metscan- you have many talents, decor, design, fashion, accessories and livestock....all these you do above and beyond...your family is fortunate to have you as you are...Honest and genuine...and clad in chic equestrian garb!

  19. Yes Hostess, my darling daughter loves this tatty book and it shall be hers one day.
    For sure we both find it's torn, stained pages comforting.

  20. Anne-Marie- How nice that your daughter loves it too... and you probably have some favourite recipes where the book almost opens to those pages!

  21. I too treasure my old copy of The Joy... and have a large (too large?) collection of cookbooks. I can sit and read them like novels.