Monday, October 11, 2010

a day of rest.....

Monday was a lazy day here in the Humble Bungalow...
slept until almost 9am
coffee and blog reading
a few loads of laundry...
tablecloth and napkins
an invitation to ride in Mr. HB's BMW top down...
sun came out
a lunch date...!

I am wearing my skinny jeans, and new boots...

white tank, grey cardigan and Lanvin scarf

silver ring

the sales clerk at the Vancouver Hermes store had a silver ring on her scarf 
I admired it and told her how lovely it looked
I was surprised to find that it was not a vintage Hermes ring
I have taken a page out of her book and copied
if you look very closely you can see the camera as I zone in on the ring!

did a bit of grocery shopping after lunch
casual fare at home
Canucks on TV
a glass of bubbly

 update on my glasses
 the follow up on the scratched lens fiasco on my Fendi's...
it is not good news
to replace one lens is $395
they are progressive & coated 
I am wearing my old prescription 
seeing things in a dim light and somewhat fuzzy 
I have ordered a new lens
it will be a few weeks
 and I'll be seeing life more clearly
(new lens= Hermes scarf)

I've bought a lottery ticket
do you know anyone who has ever won?


  1. Dear Hostess, Such days as the one you describe here are, new lens apart, so wonderfully relaxing and, I believe, very therapeutic. You very clearly have enjoyed a lovely few hours. May I suggest you repeat this - and often?!!

  2. A lovely day Hostess... just what you needed and how nice to go on a lunch date with Mr HB! As for lottery winning ... well, we once won 60 UK pounds - not a lot but a litte bit! However, someone where we used to live in England moved into the village and renovated a house - and apparently he had won a huge amount on the lottery... (have to say it was NOT done well though !) x

  3. hi leslie,

    i like your day a lot. in fact i'll try to copy you today.

    yes, we had neighbor in our old home that won 22 million dollars. she was 19 years old! after taxes she would get 65 thousand a month for the next 20 years, or something to that effect. her boyfriend proposed the night she won (hmmm.) and she accepted. they moved away shortly thereafter but i've seen her on talk shows talking about the negative impact on her life winning that kind of money at her age. her life sounds exactly like a soap opera, maybe more so. so be careful what you wish for.


  4. Tres sportif! And why ARE glasses so expensive? I am always curious about that.

  5. Dear Mme Hostess, Very smart boots! I love a post which starts from the feet up. I think that your silver scarf ring is very stylish. There is something very nice about going to lunch with one's handsome husband, particularly on a sunny day. However, it is freezing and overcast here at the moment and my husband is current chockers with work so this will not eventuate today, more is the pity. Not here, but in Australia, we used to buy lotto tickets occasionally to play the 'what if' game. This is a very pleasant way to pass the time...

  6. Yikes, the cost of that lens makes me want to be sure I take care of the glasses I have.

    Clever scarf ring, maybe that would help me with my lack of scarf savy. I always end up feeling I'm wound up in one.


  7. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    what a beautiful lazy day - one has to have such a treat from time to time!
    No, I never met a person who won the lottery (though we all dream of it, the winning I mean). I've read about a few who won and then were losing it quite soon again, the money - but I think we would it otherwise, won't we? You know that joke that a man complained to God that he never won the lottery? "You should have so much faith to buy a lottery ticket at least once!" was the answer.
    Do you - buy tickets?

  8. I agree with Linda in Chile. Thinking what you would do with the money is almost worth the price of the lottery ticket. Winning would just be a bonus.

    I think your scarf ring looks so lovely, and I shall be pinching this idea. Merci!

  9. Thanks for showing your wonderful tile again. Thank heavens reading glasses are sufficient for me.

  10. Edith Hope- I might just take your advice!

    Semi Expat-Having money doesn't mean having good taste.

    Janet- I haven't wished for 22 million!

    I'd never know how to handle that much ...
    (there are people who could help me)

    Your young neighbour must have had a terrible time adjusting to instant wealth.

    LPC-I know, what is up with all these inflated costs?
    glasses, dental work and surprisingly, hearing aids.

    Linda in Chile- The what if game is a nice distraction from reality!

    Darla-The ring is a great way to wear a scarf...I still tie mine but this is a change for me.
    Glasses are very vulnerable so yes do take better care with yours than I did with mine!

    Britta-I buy tickets sporadically...not very lucky though!

    Fiona-Pinch the idea...I did!

  11. Frugal scholar- The tile is a great background ...and I keep using it as such!
    I hope that you never need progressive lenses...unfortunately, I do.

  12. I have an Hermes Cosmos scarf ring; but I prefer to use costume jewellery rings. I have an interesting way of wearing them, I don't need to untie them; only slip them over my head.

    One of my best friends husband, and brother won money in the lottery. It was due to my friend insisting that they get the empty beer ( she hates the smell of beer) bottles out of her kitchen. They returned them, and bought a lottery ticket with the refund. They won $85,000.00!
    I don't purchase tickets myself, but I have bought them for others. None of them have won a thing.
    I did win a $100.00 once in the Princess Margaret Sweepstakes; which was the price of the ticket, so I really didn't win anything.