Monday, October 4, 2010

What a lovely way to spend a weekend!

A lovely weekend away was just what we needed...just the right amount of travel with lots of walking, a little imbibing, food that was cooked and served by someone else and a wee bit of shopping.
Mr. HB does not adore shopping but he indulged me for awhile!

I went to Hermes!

and purchased my new scent
Voyage d'Hermes
very light 
with a touch of citrus
I saw a lovely scarf worn by the shopgirl
but for some reason I wasn't tempted
now there's a surprise!

We made the obligatory rounds of the bags and shoes
and went down to look for a jacket for Mr. HB
I fell madly for the Armani jacket that he tried on
he looked so handsome in it 
Mr. HB was not as enchanted
I believe it was the $$$$$ factor.
We did find a well made cashmere jacket in charcoal grey that looked every bit as nice
which Mr. HB happily purchased.

Are these not divine?
no shoes for me though...
I have another purchase in mind

Lovely granddaughter Isla
is growing up so fast and needs a chair of her own
and Grammy wants Isla to have what she needs
we drove to a large baby store
and picked up this modern chair

if you ever watched a cartoon show called
The Jetson's
 on TV 
this would be the chair that they would have in their home in space!

I had one martini with 3 olives...I ate one before capturing this image.
the next few images are not in order
and show some of what we dined on over the past few days...

Mushroom Bisque

Bruschetta and salad

Strongbow cider for me and a beer for Mr. HB

Spicy Thai chicken drumettes for Mr. HB

Pasta and meatballs for Mr. HB

Clams and pasta for me
The diet starts tomorrow!

Our hotel 

The bridge we crossed to get to the baby store

a room with a view

ocean glimpse

the sun was out

looking east

looking west

Voyage d'Hermes

a litte something pour moi

Gap wool vest meet Debbie Kay

I am back in the Bungalow sipping my tea
content to be home

I hope that your weekend was fun.


  1. Happy that you had such a wonderful, refreshing, romantic, weekend. I am sure that you came back renewed.(-: Thank you for sharing.

  2. Just the right amount of pictures ( for me )! I´m glad that you were able to hold your horses at Hermes too! What is this place you spent your weekend in ( you don´t have to answer )? Anyways, I´m glad that you had the chance for some quality time. And the diet starts tomorrow, Wednesday 6 th., right? What is our goal?

  3. Seems as if you had a perfect weekend Hostess - thanks for sharing it with us too. x

  4. Happy that you're back and "Bungalowed" -- rested, relaxed and content.

    It looked like a DELICIOUS way to spend a weekend!

  5. You needed this. The mushroom soup looks yummy.

  6. I enjoyed reading about your wonderful weekend! Do you have a link to Debbie Kay's site? Her work looks intriguing!

  7. That would certainly make for a wonderful weekend. Hermes. Sigh. :)

  8. I feel like I've been away too. Thank you!

  9. hi leslie,

    i need a weekend just like that minus the meat and triple the martini's!


  10. Looks like a delicious weekend.

  11. Metscan-We went to Vancouver and stayed at the Blue Horizon Hotel.

    Sue-Debra K has a website at

    Janet-Wow Triple martinis ! I'd be under the table...

    I am happy that you could all travel vicariously through my blog and photos!

    After all my dining I am planning to rethink my diet and shed some middle has expanded beyond what is comfortable!
    I'll post more details when I figure it out!

  12. Vancouver is such a beautiful city. I have to be honest; I love the Voyage d' Hermes bottle (I received one as a gift from my store) but the scent reminds me of the bug spray we used at the cottage in the 60's.
    They say scent is the strongest sense, linked to memory, and this scent brought back many memories! LOL. I do like how the bottle is refillable, and I hope Hermes will do this with the Hermessence line.