Wednesday, October 27, 2010

weeknight dinner party...and the kitten's still nameless!

It's a weeknight worknight dinner party
sometimes it just has to be scheduled that way
family have travelled many miles to be here
they are on a tight schedule 
have lots to do and people to see...
so why not have a weeknight dinner party?

I am making things ahead so that I can relax and enjoy the visit

pull out a great cookbook
peruse over a mug of tea
decide on the possibilities
make a grocery list


I am serving this chocolate cake with a small dollop of whipping cream
for dessert

shrimp cocktails to start

and the main dish

prep the night before 

 cookbook image

I am serving an heirloom tomato with goat cheese and basil leaf salad
and a loaf of bread

all I need to do is set the table
the main dish takes 60 minutes in the oven
not too much fussing about
time and space to breathe

 the kitten's name search has been interesting 
and challenging
we have only had her here in the Bungalow for a few days
and are still observing her habits

she has the most adorbale sound 
a chirrup
she chirrups at the birds
 chases her own tail around and around in circles, then collapses
her favourite toy is a clump of feathers on a string dangling from a wand
she leaps, jumps and pounces 
it's tiring work!

we have narrowed down the names to Pepper and Tabitha...
I like Twiggy too.

Pepper would work because she is fast and feisty
Tabitha as she is a tabby 
Twiggy because she is tiny 
but as Mr. HB pointed out...
she will grow so that name might not suit her as she matures.

what do you think?


  1. You always cook the best sounding meals. I think Pepper is very cute.(-:

  2. Dear Hostess, Your dinner party menu sounds delicious and the chocolate cake looks positively wonderful. how lucky your guests are to be given such treats.

    Pepper sounds perfect for that bundle of mischief of a kitten. There would then be the opportunity to give another home to a rescue cat whom you can call Salt!!

  3. She is so adorable! Pepper would be perfect with her colouring. xx

  4. Dear Hostessss, Mum has let us borow the computar, we have been finking of names for your kittan. We fink Porcupine of Death is good name. Or Fluffybunnykins. But after lots and lots of finking and racking our brians we fink best name is Cat. Is ok, no need to fank us, we is just very good at finking up stuff. By By, Boy Won and Boy Two xx

  5. Hostess, you make a dinner party sound so easy and stress-free. Once the food is chosen that's half the battle though isn't it? And your courses sound lovely.

    Your new girl sounds so sweet. One of my pusses used to chirrup and it's the cutest sound. I always like 'people' names for pets, but Pepper does have a certain ring to it.

  6. Hostess...she is so cute! I can see why you like Pepper. Twiggy has a fun ring to it too.

    Brave you for cooking up a feast on a weeknight. It looks delicious. Chicken Marbella is always a winner with a crowd. Enjoy!!

    Jeanne xx

    PS...Thanks for following me at B-Well :))

  7. I like Tabitha the best. But the others are good too. Whatever you pick will be RIGHT.

  8. She looks like a Tabitha! I love that name, plus I was a huge Bewitched fan and that was the name of Samantha and Darren's daughter on the TV series.

  9. I think:
    1. I want to come to your house for dinner.
    2. I like Pepper.
    3. That is an ADORABLE cat!!! Those paws kill me. CUTE!!!!

  10. You are so flexible. I would be in panic having to host on a weekday and this small kitty just been brought home!

  11. I vote for Pepper, but who am I to give you advice? My other cat was named Skanky (her attitude reminded my husband of Paris Hilton and he insisted. Go figure :)

  12. Lovely mid week dinner party hostess... yum! Glad my choice of name has made it to the last three!! Also it was one of the Tabby cats' names in my favourite Beatrix Potter book - Tom Kitten - Tabitha (Twitchit) was his mother!! X

  13. Oh thank you all...
    I am in a bit of a rush after playing too long with the kitten...

    Blighty your boys have cracked me up this morning!

    It has been decided, she's Pepper...with her colouring and her personality that is spicy and feisty, the name suits her.

    Thank you all for your suggestions...I'll post soon.

  14. She's so sweet!

    You'll know the name when you are ready. We didn't know what to name our (now 10 year old) pending kitten years ago until we saw how feisty he was, and how red - he immediately became Angus and the name still suits him well!

  15. I love the meal you planned for your all sounds so delicious!! I have never tried chicken marbala, but now you have inspired me! I love your kitty...we can never have one because my husband is allergic to cats. I love your names choices...Pepper is cute. When I look at her, for some reason, the name 'Autumn' comes to mind. Can't wait to hear what the final decision is!


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