Monday, November 1, 2010

The westcoast rainforest weather forecast..."rain, rain and rain"

It's raining cats and dogs..
it's raining it's pouring and this old man is snoring...
all those rain jingles come to mind.

The rain is torrential...
it's drumming on the roof
the gutters are vibrating with the velocity of the downpour
the windows are spotted with drops and rivulets are weeping as they move south to the ledge.

The skies are grey and the puddles are vast...
it's a day for wellies and a slicker.

a beach walk

feel the wet in every breath that you take

I want a red or yellow slicker
and some serious wellies
those elusive Hunters have not yet made it into my life

Hot cocoa in a thermos
and a warm jacket
a pair of boots
a walk

beach combing
with a camera

naturally beautiful

Pepper  peeking at me
as I blog...

you can see the "heart rock" at the left
I beachcombed that one from the beach not far from the Bungalow

colour in raingear
is a mandatory
 "mood shifter"

who needs to feel dreary in the rain?
I say dress up and boldly seize the day!

What are you wearing as you embrace the day?


  1. I´m not sure what you meant by your question, but I do know that I love the picture of Pepper!

  2. I love colorful rainwear! Alas, we have so few opportunities here.

  3. Lovely day here and I'm wearing a smile and a pink Boden jacket. (My Hunter wellies cracked and were the devil to get in and out of. Now I wear any old cheap ones, sling 'em on, great! Some goods are over hyped.)
    Please keep the rain away from here until the roof is on!

  4. Peeping Pepper!! Love it. And I love all the beauty. So gorgeous!! Enjoy your rainy days!xoxo

  5. Dear Hostess, What awful weather you are having. I do so hope that the conditions will improve soon since so much rain can be extremely dismal at this time of year when light is fading fast.

    No Hunter Wellington boots? Your feet would be transfromed in a seek them out!

  6. Getting ready for work, wearing scrubs..wishing for rain! It was been very dry here. Say hello to Pepper!

  7. hi leslie,

    i love walking in the rain and esp at the beach. they are all deserted and so moody and beautiful.

    today the sun is shining and it's about 78 degrees. so i'm in jeans and hanes v neck doing some fall gardening clean-up and baking.

    stay dry,


  8. metscan- I was merely asking what you were wearing today!

    Deja Pseu- I think your climate must make for "happy days"

    Share my Garden- Hunters that cracked...I hope that you took them back to the store...they are reported to be superb footgear.

    LaBeletteRouge- I actually am enjoying the rain!

    Frugal scholar- Just a lucky shot.

    Edith Hope- We get a lot of rain here, it is something that we get used to and must graciously accept. I presume!

    the gardener's cottage-I need to finish my yard clean up...things are going brown and getting mushy...I am dry...wearing a cozy Lands End cashmere sweater to keep the damp from my bones!

  9. Such a fabulous pic of Pepper - it could win awards!! Gorgeous beach photos too - we have had a lot of rain here in Melbourne too Hostess. Think you should maybe put Hunter Wellies down on your Christmas list! X

  10. As you'll know from my post today, I was dressed up for rain INDOORS this morning! But all's well that ends well, and I did get outside in my shiny red rain boots and black shiny slicker. And it's surprisingly warm here today -- is it the same down your way?

  11. Semi Expat- such flattery! If I do not break down and buy some I will add them to my list!

    materfamilias- It is chilly here and damp.
    I saw your post and was concerned...lucky that you were able to get help...I would not like to hear of you climbing up a ladder onto your roof in the's slippery!
    There's nothing like a dose of Mother Nature to wreak havoc on us and make us appreciate our snug abodes.

  12. A beautiful spring day here Hostess. Sun is shining, 23C/73F with a lovely breeze for drying clothes.
    I'm wearing a light dress while I demould the bathrooms! So glamourous...not.
    Love all your pics today. Pepper is delightful.

  13. Here it is warm and quite beautiful today...fall and winter are the best times to live in Southern California. The driftwood pictures are beautiful but I must admit a special fondness for the picture of Pepper.(-:

  14. Anne-Marie- sounds so warm and I can imagine a gentle must be ever so glamourous in a dress for domestics!

    LaVieQuotidienne-California weather is calling to there ever a bad time to be in So. Cal?
    Pepper has captured my heart too...

  15. The beach on a rainy, misty day is perfection to me. Let's not talk about what it does to the hair though (imagine a sheep with a curly perm if you will). These beach photos are all so gorgeous and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, there was Pepper. Beyond adorable.

  16. Fiona- Ah yes frizz...that's why we have scarves and berets!
    (I share this)
    Enter the little Pepper Peeker...and my day is perfect!