Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Introducing our new Bungalow kitten....

I have been very busy tending to our new kitten.
She is a curious and energetic little girl.

Capturing images on my camera has proven to be quite a challenge...she moves about so fast that many of the pictures have been a blur...for every 10 I have taken maybe 1 has been clear!

 inside our wine rack

a bit of a blur here
please ignore the dust!

my recycling basket

we put up some plywood as a temporary gate
to keep her contained in the kitchen and family room
our Bungalow has a very open plan so we have few rooms that we can close off

and kittens being curious can get into mischief

I spent most of yesterday playing with her and tending to her needs
it was such a warm and cozy afternoon with her on my lap
she'd wake up, open her eyes look at me and then purr
such a lovely feeling
snuggled up

tuckered out after playing

you can see just how tiny she is at
9 weeks old

she slept in her new bed and did not cry in the night
I had
my maternal ear open just in case...

I got up early this morning to feed her 
she leapt and ran around the kitchen for an hour and a bit,
played with her toys and has fallen fast asleep
in the wine rack!

I am predicting busy days with our new kitten
and is very affectionate
and loves attention.

we are still getting acquainted...so a name has not been chosen just yet...
I appreciate all your suggestions
and welcome more...


  1. All the ladies at work came to see this lovely little girl, the office was awash with ahs and ohs! She is so impossibly cute. Good luck finding a name. We changed our cat's name three times, then decided on Snooker (he rolled around the house like a snooker ball. Still does :)

  2. What a cutie! She looks just like our Zoe did at the same age.

  3. She's such a cutie pie!! She looks like a Mimi to me....

  4. Tanya- Oh I am happy to share her with all of you!
    If I would choose a name on her sp far it mught have to be Purrfection!

    Maggie-Zoe's a cute name.

    Deja Pseu- Merci, I'll add Mimi to my list!

  5. Dear Hostess, what a delightful little kitten, just gorgeous, such pretty colouring and markings. I have always loved cats, they are so neat and self possessed..lucky kitten to have you as an owner, you are looking after her so lovingly xx

  6. Dear Hostess, Your new kitten is adorable. She has clearly made herself at home already. Perhaps she should be named Beaujolais as her preferred spot is the wine rack?!!

  7. She's precious! I'd have a hard time doing anything but loving the wee thing (including letting her nap in peace).

  8. What an adorable little kitty!Isn't bringing a new pet into the family so fun? Wishing you another fun-filled day with your new little kitty! Angie xo

  9. Awww, she's here! Congratulations. I usually adopt older cats (they adjust to our multi-cat household more easily) but when I see a dear little kitty like yours I long for one that tiny. I'm so glad she's made you her own!

  10. Aww she is absolutely precious!! Congratulations on your new kitten :)

  11. I had a kitty that looked like that! Her name was Sasha.

  12. She's snuggle-ably adorable. How about Gracie?

  13. Oh she is adorable Hostess.
    This lucky kitty is blessed to be with your family. I can see the little darling is going to be very much loved!
    My name suggestion is 'Precious'

  14. Oh...how cute she is and what a lucky little cat to find such a wonderful home. My cat, Mozart...my wonderful big boy...sends his greetings. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.(-: I still like the name, Pansy.

  15. Well I love her white eyeliner. I'd call her Cleo'catra' lol.

  16. Blighty- I am also smitten with this kitten!

    Edith-Funny that you should say that...Mr. HB and I were talking of wine names!

    Artful lawyer- I actually need the nap time myself...I am following her around the house making sure that she is not gnawing on electrical cords or nibbling orchids.

    Angie- These are fun days in the Bungalow...I am very content.

    Staircase witch- an older cat was my plan...until I heard the story and my heart was swayed...

    sparrow and sparkles- I remember when you got your puppy and was ever so envious!

    Frugal scholar- Sasha was my BFF dog's name too.

    Sue- I have Grace on my list.

    Anne-Marie- I wanted to call her Precious but Mr. HB said in view of the recent film Precious it might not be such a good idea....

    LaVieQuotidienne-Mozart is a great name for a cat! I imagine he has a fabulous personality!

  17. Oh my! How simply lovely she is. She so reminds me of our small Emil, the cat we had before Morty dog arrived. I don´t have words to describe the wonderful feeling I have looking at this small kitty. She could not found a better home! Please choose the name yourself. She is yours: )

  18. She's so cute!! She looks just like our cat who "adopted" us 2 years ago! Your cat has the "M" mark on her forehead as do all tabby cats. How about Emme?

  19. Oh is she sweet, dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow!!! You will have a lot of fun with her - and tell us about her. Such a beauty! Those eyes! And she is so tiny, so heartwarming, my fingers ache to touch that beautiful fur!

  20. metscan- I have the dish that you sent...it is in our guestroom...with chocolate....and our wee cat is eating out of stainless..no worries...she's very content.

    Jenndon-I think that the M indicates that the cat descends from a Maincoon...a lovely breed.

    Britta-She is wee.....and so lovely...furry and purry...I am snuggling her 24/7...must go she's awake!

  21. duchess of H- how astute if you to notice the white lines...Cleocatra..smiles from here!

  22. Such a sweet girl. Her story is heart-wrenching. She really landed on her paws finding you for a cat-mum. Stickley is surely looking down and nodding in approval.

  23. Oh she is ADORABLE - we love her here in Australia! So cute. What about Flossie for a name or Tabitha? X

  24. hi leslie,

    she is beyond adorable. i love the pic of her in the wine rack. already trying to booze it up!!!

    my pick is...blossom.


  25. Fiona-I love your comment about landing on her paws!

    Semi Expat-Tabitha is the front runner at the moment...and Pepper is a contender too.

    Janet-She loves the wine rack...has been in there while I have been blogging.


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