Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Looking, seeing and remembering...

What is this?

prisms of light

like little Junebugs flying in the forest of trees...

a fall afternoon
on the walls of the Humble Bungalow

October 13th was my father's day of birth
he would have been 87 today

I am remembering him today
a man of few words
who never shunned a challenge
a learned scholar of life
a man of strength and conviction
with moral fortitude
he walked a path not always of his choosing
he sacrificed
he toiled
he never complained
but followed his destiny 
with his head held high

 plagued by ill health 
he chose his time 
he told the doctors
he'd had enough
I'll never know how hard a decision that must have been for him
I only know how hard it was for me.

I owe you a lot Dad
as you gave me much
and I am forever in your debt.

Thank you

I see lights today
they are not candles on a cake
but natural rays of beauty
and I post them in your honour

a simple beeswax pillar candle in a sterling dish

The largest of the flock of Ojibwa duck decoys that sit atop the Humble Bungalow mantle

For solace I connect with nature through a garden walkabout
camera in hand
the light is lovely

the white hydrangeas in the front garden

lattice shadows on the back deck 

lovely daughter made this for me when she took pottery classes
she must have been about 12 years old
I love it!

looking around the deck...

my sister brought this back from her travels

swiss chard hunkered down in the raised bed waiting for harvest

ornamental grass plants
I am a sucker for varigated foliage

back garden hydrangea
grown from a potted plant given to me when my father passed away
how timely it blooms

clematis still blooming today
what a trooper!

evidence of autumn

muting and changing
heralding a season of change
a time to hunker down
and layer on warm wooly sweaters
and cocoon in the warmth of the hearth and home.

Stay snug, stay close, and hug often.


  1. To see your father in light. Wonderful. Your creativity grows, in leaps and bounds.

  2. I totally understand. I lost my father 13 years ago and not a day goes by when I don't think of him. To me and my siblings he was absolutly remarkable. I still miss going to him to consult when I have a problem. You are well to immerse yourself the beauties of nature when remembering him.

  3. Dear Hostess, What a wonderful tribute this posting is to your father who clearly had such an important influence on you. The glimpses of your garden looked most charming and showed so much still in flower and looking good for this late in the season.

  4. A lovely post commemorating your father and you wonderful memories of him, Hostess. x

  5. I love this post, dear hostess! I've lost both my parents this year - I look at the light that breaks through a cloud, and think: that's him! Now thanks to your beautiful post I'll see the rainbow light that the sun sends through the crystals I hung into one window with different eyes - beautifully concentrated pure light, vibrant colours. A reminder that spirit or soul is not lost, but changed. Thank you!

  6. Thoughtful words and gentle pictures woven together with light = a tapestry of tender tributes to your father...

  7. Dear Mme Hostess, I have come back and back to this beautiful post and these studies in light, shade and shadow. I think the only way one can bear loss is by reflecting on the substance of what was. You describe a good and beautiful man. I hope your children had the benefit of knowing him.

  8. Your home is a place of literal and figural roots. Such a touching tribute to your father. To pause and remember, with love- very important.

  9. What a beautiful tribute to your Father! My Mother's 76th birthday would have been Sunday & I could not help but think about how much of a kick she would have gotten out of 10/10/10. The years go by and I get older, but I still don't have a Mom or Dad which sometimes, is sad. Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by my blog & becomning a follower. You made my day!

  10. We are getting close to the anniversary of my father's death. Thanks so much for this.

  11. Such a beautiful, and moving post!

  12. Beautiful photos, beautiful words. Thank you for sharing. Your father sounds like a wonderful man.

  13. Leslie! You are such a beautiful writer! What a thoughtful remembrance of your father.Hope you are feeling better. I like your remedies...many of them we use at this house kids love honey, hot water and lemon when they have a cold. We also use the old-fashioned Vicks on the chest too.
    Take care of yourself! Angie xo

  14. LPC- Thank you, this post just came from my heart.

    LaVieQuitidienne- It's remarkable how our parents affect us long after they are gone.

    Edith Hope- My garden is surprising me this year, some plants are blooming longer than usual.

    Semi Expat- It's easy to write about someone who had such an important part in my life.

    Britta-I am sorry to hear about your parents, and hope that you are finding comfort...gardens seem to be the tonic for some many things in life.

    Rebecca- I love the tapestry of tributes...lovely!

    Linda in Chile-They did know my father but did not spend as much time around him as I would have liked.

    Duchesse- "literal and figural roots" sounds so beautiful, thank you.

    Northof 25A- I am happy to be following your blog. I hope that you are able to remember happier times to balance the sad ones of your parents.

  15. Frugal scholar-Duchess of H- Fiona-Thank you, when commencing this post I had no idea what it would end up like, almost like it wrote itself as it evolved.

    Angie@Echoesof Laughter- I am feeling much better thank you and Vicks is a time honoured remedy!

  16. So touching. It is extraordinary how something untouchable and intangable can connect us to so much love, memory and inexplicable numinosity. Thank you for sharing this reverie with us.xoxo