Monday, September 27, 2010


My neighbour Diana has an orchid house
and she grows a wide variety of orchids year round.
A recently retired university professor,
 she has embraced orchid growing with an academic and scientific perspective.
Gauges, thermostats, heaters, fans, fertilizers
potting mediums, shade cloth, and on it goes.
She possesses a firm grasp on the Latin nomenclature
 of all things orchid.

The rest of her postage stamp garden is comprised of a few woody shrubs
some climbing clematis
her prolific and robust hydrangea bush

She lopped off numerous blooms as they were large and heavy
 bending the branches to the ground
 I just happened to be about
and gratefully accepted this bounty of blooms.

We are very fortunate to know our neighbours
we socialize on occasion
and keep watch when someone is away.

I have passed quite a few zucchinis over the fence between us this summer
it's so comfortable
sharing natures' bounty
with each other.


  1. How great to have good neighbours and to share the riches of your gardens.. Love those "hydies" x

  2. Ah, the exuberance and attitude of hydrangeas, the perfect flower for your arts and crafts home. Some blooms seem to embody an era. Our neighbours would give them to us, too.

  3. Good neighbors are such a blessing. The hydrangeas are of my favorite flowers and so nice because they dry so easily! (-:

  4. i love your hydrangeas and neighbors. both are very sweet.


  5. A lovely bunch in lovely colors! Those flowers last forever. I have had them and dried them. But- feng shui does not approve dry flowers ( not that I am so into feng shui ).

  6. I love hydrangeas but I haven't had any in the house for a long time! You are so lucky to have a neighbour who shares with you!! Angie xo

  7. Hydrangeas seem to be popular with all of you here so far...
    I love Duchesse's words "the exuberance and attitude of hydrangeas"
    and mette I never knew dried flowers were bad Feng Shui!

  8. My hydrangeas didn't fare so well this year - nut sure why :(
    Can I borrow your neighbor?