Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hermes...and back to school duds...

I got an invitation in the mail today...

Oh la la...
quality paper
large envelope
one of my favourite retailers
and it's addressed to me!

a meet?
meet who?

From Paris 
Hermes craftsman
October 5-8th

I am busy those days
and cannot attend
oh well.

 any day now
I 'll be picking up 
my new scent
Voyage d'Hermes

If only I could scent my blog
I think you'd agree
it's soft and subtle
green and crisp
I think I can wear it to school

I enjoyed some retail therapy
I did not spend much
I picked up some washable work duds
kid proof
library friendly
easy peasy pieces

I bought a sturdy pair of black leggings
in a heavier knit from Cleo $50
they fit and flatter
they make me look slim
(thank you Cleo that's no easy task!)
 a longer top
in a skinny knit with uneven striping
different details on both bottom pockets 
Kenzie Pretty
on sale @ $30
Black knit Gilmour vest already in my closet

oops... a bit blurry

this is better...

necklace made by my friend Louise
tumbled blue glass beads and fresh water pearls
silver clasp

can you see these two pockets?
one blue
one stripey

I also have a long black sweater
with an assymetrical bottom
longer in front
which I can wear when I do not want to wear the vest.

I think I need short black leather boots
I can always wear ballet flats
but I think this look might need boots
what do you think?

I went to 2 malls hunting for boots
and have not yet found a pair that
suit my purpose
I want 
flattish heels
with minimal detail

lovely daughter was my advisor
we came home late
ordered in Chinese food
had a few glasses of wine
I sent her home in a cab!

6 am comes early
it's late
I'm off to bed-for-sure
sweet dreams


  1. Chic outfit, Hostess.

    I look forward to hearing more about your new fragrance. I love Hermes fragrances too.

    Pity about the invite.

    SSG xxx

  2. Love your new purchases and what a shame you cannot go to the Hermes do...x

  3. Dear Hostess, What a great sadness that you must decline the Hermes invitation which, I am sure, would have been great fun and of not a little interest. Such is life.

    Some very splendid purchases which I haveenjoyed looking at. It sounds as though you have had a very enjoyable time.

    Have a happy and relaxing weekend.

  4. Love that ensemble! Too bad you can't attend the Hermes function, but so nice to be invited! I've been wearing my Kelly Caleche pretty much daily...just seems to suit the weather and my moods.

  5. I like your new outfit. Of course I am a sucker for anything in black, the blue accent is a nice touch. (-: I have never tried Hermes fragrances...I guess I need to... Perhaps at Nordstrom's? Fashionible boots with low heels are hard to find - I wish you luck!

  6. SSG-Which Hermes fragrance is your current favourite?

    Semi Expat, Edith Hope and Deja Pseu-
    It might be good that I cannot attend, who knows I might be so in awe of the work that the leather craftsman creates that I would impulsively buy something very expensive!

    La Vie Quotidienne-I think they are sold exclusively at Hermes, and they do have an online could try and ask for fragrance samples and see if they would send them...that would be fun!
    I am realizing my boot hunt is going to be a challenge.

  7. What a lovely post! Hermes, yes, yes, but unreachable for me! You really made a good bargain on the knit. I like all small surprises in clothes too!

  8. What fun! I love your style. Interested in the scent - I'll have to keep an eye open for it, can it be found many places? I just came back from two weeks in Italy and didn't find a perfume I loved, but did get some lovely clothes in Venice (black and gray). Maybe I'll get brave and post photos of them.

  9. Leslie, why don't you try finding boots at an equestrian store, like Greenhawk. I love Ariat boots, and they make a nice hunter dress boot.