Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's in the box?

 What's in the Box?

 open the latch...

read  the directions...

shells in a jar

a reed diffuser
a bit of a splurge
what an interesting bit of background India!

Crabtree and Evelyn
India Hicks
has a variety of scented candles
perfumes, lotions
and soaps

The Bungalow Bathroom 
is delicately scented with a light tropical air
floral and fruity

as for the box...
what should I use this for?
it's too nice to discard..

(I don't have a pistol!)

I could use some ideas.


  1. get a pistol?

    just joking leslie. i bet the scent is gorgeous just like ms. hicks.


  2. India Hicks is gorgeous, I agree. I would expect her scents to smell like the ocean.

  3. Janet-India Hicks was inspired by a pistol box when she chose this container...I'm not the pistol toting kind of gal.

    LPC-She is very beautiful and her line of scents are enchanting.

  4. I really, really like boxes. Mine (mostly vintage; few antique) are filled with "stuff"! One holds recipes and sits on my kitchen counter. Others are on my bookshelves where one holds photos awaiting album placement someday (dream on) and another odd coins - silver dollars, Kennedy half dollars, etc.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I may go upstairs and check what's in those others! They sure come in handy.

  5. A beautiful choice. India Hicks fragrance is sublime.
    I love Crabtree & Evelyn especially the Rosewater products.
    Uses for the box-
    specialty teas
    hair ornaments
    chunky or keepsake jewellery
    delicate handkerchiefs
    keeper birthday/anniversary cards
    aromotherapy essential oils
    small candles
    in fact anything that will fit!

  6. I keep my TV remotes in a it big enough for that? (-:

  7. Ah! I like La Vie Quotidienne's suggestion -- I have quite a few boxes as well that I can't bring myself to get rid of although they take up space. Mmmmmm to your new scent!

  8. I´m searching for THE perfect jewelry box. A lock would be needed though, and I´d wish it to be padded inside. Not knowing at all the size of your box, would your most precious jewelry fit inside it? I´d really like to have mine all in one, so I could grab/ hide it, in case of emergency.

  9. Rebecca-Thank you for your ideas!

    Anne Marie-Specialty teas might suit this box, and jewelry is a possibility.

    LaVieQuotidienne-The remotes would not all fit...but that is a great idea.

    materfamilias-I think this box would look good concealing something if it was "artfully" placed.

    metscan-I have too many pieces of good jewelry already in velvet cases to fit inside this box.
    What a great idea though mette, having all precious gems in one spot to easily grab for an emergency.
    Thanks, I am going to get that organized.

  10. Dear Hostess, As the contents of the box and their creator remind me of exotic travel, I think that I should use the box to store my postcards from travels near and far. Whatever, the box is lovely and I should not part with it.

  11. I collect boxes like this frequently, usually at Christmas and birthdays...sometimes I pass them on as part of a gift. But one I keep in my library filled with stamps and writing supplies, so I can dash off and send a quick note without going up to my desk, and another sits on my dresser and serves as a miniature sewing kit with thread, needle, clippers, and all the buttons and bits of thread that come with new clothes.

  12. Edith Hope- Postcards would fit nicely inside the box...I have a few which I keep in my writing desk. Your collection may be large as I understand that you have travelled extensively.

    Staircase Witch-A sewing kit is a good one and your writing box in the Library sounds very handy too...thank you for those ideas.
    I think I could use a few more boxes now!

  13. I love India Hick's, Island Night diffuser. I would worry about keeping pearls in this box, just in case there are some unknown chemical fumes permeating the wood.

    I would probably just put the box on a bookshelf, until I decide what to do with it.