Friday, September 17, 2010

Hunting, gathering, and Mother's influence...

I have been hunting for flat boots to wear with my skinny jeans and newer leggings, the heavier knit ones in black.

I am happy to say that I found them!
and new to me I am taking a risk and shopping online
not something that I normally do.

I like to try things on, look them over, and check the craftmanship...
well these were given 5 stars by customers and they are leather so...
I have ordered them
fingers crossed they will not disappoint.

They are on their way...
I'll let you know what the verdict is when I put them on.

Mother, my sister and I went for lunch this week
something that we are doing more often
it's such a lovely relaxed way to get to visit mother.
We choose somewhere quiet
with a view.
The resaturant had an ocean view
and we managed to sit at a window 
we watched the boats at moorage 
and people dock walking.

I ate the most delightful portobello mushroom stuffed with artichoke and crab and served with a tossed green salad and a light vinagrette.

After lunch my sister wanted to check out a new store and we ended up shopping!
We three are drawn to shopping when we are together...
Mother encourages us to buy a treat whenever she is around.
I think it harkens back to the days when she chose our clothes
she still gives us the nod if she likes how we look when we emerge from the fitting room.
I have been a rebel on occasion and bought something on which she gave the thumbs down
but usually she is right.
She knows fashion
has a keen eye
and dresses herself in classic clothing always with a current edge.

She never fails to charm the salesclerks and holds court in the shop!

This tunic top got the the nod
and a smile.
Camel coloured knit top which I plan to wear with my leggings and skinny jeans

It is a great weight skims the body and is cozy and warm.

they are a newer line
being carried by the boutique
priced at under $100

Zipper detail
which I quite like!

I've seen a lot of zippers on LBD's
and tops this season
sewn on the outside

My home ec teacher would not have tolerated this back in the late 60's!

I do not sew clothing
I can do curtains, pillows and duvet covers...
all straight lines.
I had to rip out so many of my projects in school
uneven stitching, 
bubble darts
 zips that were askew
crooked buttonholes

it's odd 
 Mother was a fabulous seamstress
she made my sister and I matching dresses 
with the remnants from the dresses that she created for herself

I remember one year she made a long velvet skirt 
and purchased a silver sequinned sleeveless shell 
to wear with it for the Christmas holidays
such "Glam" our family had never seen!
I recall thinking how fabulous she looked

well I am delighted to say
I give her the nod
she still looks great!


  1. Yes, I bet my 70's home ec teacher would also be mortified at the mere thought of displaying a zipper on the outside of a garment, tut tut.
    So nice to read about lunch and shopping excursions with your Mum and sis. Enjoy every minute.
    Love the new knit and boots. Like you I am not a online shopper for I have severe tactile tendencies! Maybe one day I shall be brave.

  2. hi leslie,

    it sounds like you guys had a great day. food and shopping, can't go wrong. i can barely sew anything too.


  3. I LOVE zipper detailing. I seldom buy online, but Nordstroms is known for its great return policy, so no risk.

  4. I have a feeling, that the camel knit will look nice on you with jeans!

  5. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    I always wonder how our mothers could sew so beautiful (and inventive: I saw this summer - for grown-ups - what my mother sewed for me as a child: a matching top, + a skirt with buttons down in front - and if you opened it underneath: + a matching short - so you could quickly change from 'formal' to play - great!) I can sew - but stopped after the age of 20 - nowadays I am tempted to try again, but only for things one cannot buy.
    Your boots look lovely - and now, with the leaves starting to fall, it is very sensible to order boots that are practcal - and YET beautiful!

  6. Remember "invisible" zippers? I used to know how to sew garments with those. That camel top is lovely! I wish I could find something like that. Good luck with the boots, hope they are exactly as you'd hoped.

  7. How lovely you three go out to lunch together... sounds perfect and even more fun with a little shopping thrown in aswell. The best of days. x

  8. Leslie, zips are everywhere here in NZ too - all over clothing AND shoes and boots. J'adore the camel colour and agree it will be lovely with denim, or to create a monochromatic look with beige/stone pants.

    Your outing sounds just delightful.

  9. Would love to see pics of you in your new tunic and boots. Funny. I feel like I should have just kept my clothes from the late 80's/early 90's. I'm happy the look is back. I think leggings with a tunic and boots is flattering on just about anyone. (p.s.: totally agree about the zipper... my home-ec. teacher took herself way too seriously!).

  10. Anne-Marie-The online shopping is really a leap of faith, but Nordstroms has a good reputation.

    Janet-That's another thing we have in common!

    frugal scholar-It's interesting how we can get excited over these details in fashion...I never imagined zippers as a focal point!

    metscan-Indeed, the camel looks nice with the skinny jeans, an easy outfit to put together too.

    Britta-I am impressed that your childhood clothing was kept and stored all these years!

    Deja Pseu-I wonder if you could find this top online? It might be fun to look...and invisible zippers were the penultimate sewing challenge for me!

    Semi Expat-I rarely went out for lunch when the children were at home...but now I leap at the chance!

    Fiona-I've seen handbags full of zips too...but I think they might be hazardous to clothing! Snags etc.

    Daryl at Vermont Cottage-I do my own photography so I rarely snap images of myself. I did a couple recently but they were hair's hard to get the body in a mirror without a lot of glare.
    Oh I remember stirrup pants from the late 80's/early 90's! I wore them too.
    I am short and full in the midsection so this combo works for me.

  11. Dear Hostess, I am sure that, once again, there will be no surprise for you to know that I am not able to sew. It is purely thanks to T, my housekeeper, that I have buttons where they should be other than massed in my 'needlework' box.

    I shall be most interested to know how the boots work out. I have never bought clothes on line always, as you say, thinking that I need to look and feel the items before buying. However, I do know of people who have bought on line and have been most satisfied with the results.

  12. Edith Hope-
    I am not surprised that you do not sew...and yet I would not be surprised if you did sew.
    Ladies from all walks of life express themselves in creative areas...knitting, embroidery, crewel work, sewing...
    filling their leisure time with joyful distractions...
    I am curious if you have any "hobbies" that you enjoy besides gardening and reading.

  13. Those flat boots look soft and luscious, but. . . we of the itty-bitty persuasion need every inch we can get. My "low" heeled boots and shoes are 2" (my version of flats).

  14. Big Little Wolf-you are most correct in adding height...
    I am on my feet a lot at school and walking, so I opt for comfort over style...if my feet hurt it shows on my face and I don't want to scare the students!