Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Domestics and a Luxe Park Avenue Diet...

Humble Bungalow was shrouded in fog this morning
the sound of foghorns is truly eerie and haunting.

Fall is definitely in the air...
and it's rather dull looking outside.
To perk up my daily round
and energize
I put the furnace on,
layered a sweater over my Tee shirt,
a Lands End cozy cashmere cheery red,
dark denim skinny jeans rolled up,
red Miz Mooz flats.
(I haven't found the elusive boots yet)

Domestic days are routine in the Humble Bungalow...
water wooshing through the pipes...
the sounds of the washer and the dryer as they go through their cycles
the contented hum of domesticity.

I've tackled, purged, and arranged the spices,
I've sorted the junk drawer...
(I allow myself to have just one!)
and this drawer is big enough to satisfy my needs.

Domestics day is a great day to make soup
the ritual of chopping is calming
something chock full of veggies simmering on the stove and scenting the kitchen
and while the soup is bubbling there's time to sit and savour a cup of tea.

I recently pulled this book off my bookshelf and am re-reading snippets of it to refresh my memory
 of the mainpoints
and to re-commit to the key strategies.

What attracted me to this book was it's title...
and something I remember hearing... 

"You can never be too rich or too thin"
a quote by The Duchess of Windsor
( I think one can be too thin...but rich? )

The author, Jana Klauer, M.D., writes in her introduction...
"Park Avenue. These two words conjure up images of wealth, privilege, and ease. 
Park Avenue is New York's grandest boulevard"

She shares with the reader a lot of information which is savvy, sensible and smart.
She is an advocate of daily exercise, eating protein, getting enough calcium, conquering food cravings, ridding the diet of ALL processed foods, and drinking 2 -3 quarts of water every day.

It is easy to follow
the recipes in the book are luxe, 
I imagine a spa
might serve these tasty dishes!

What books inspire you to lead a healthier lifestyle?
Hope that you are keeping warm, snug and cozy.


  1. I find chopping veggies for soup very calming and relaxing too. It's a simple pleasure of mine....although others mind find it weird...or just get out the handy chopper or mini-food processor and be done with it.

  2. I have to be honest here. No books, no magazines do the trick for me. Living a scheduled week; a meeting/or else, on certain days ( same days ), doing some physical work 5-6 days ( same time ) a week, and going to bed at a certain time and getting out of it at a certain time, keeps me pretty healthy and sane : )

  3. Janet our cottage gardener is helping me think and eat healthy!
    This weather business is intriguing, you are doning jumpers (sweaters) and we are slowly stripping off as it gets warmer.
    Love the red jumper. So vibrant.

  4. Dear Hostess, I am at one with you over the need to live a healthy lifestyle and included in that is, of course, to eat well and sensibly. Yes, I agree, it is possible to be too thin.

    I am an avid reader of both fiction and biography/autobiography. I am afriad that I have never read any books concerned with health and living a healthy life.

  5. HI Hostess,
    The book sounds interesting.

    Can't wait to hear more about the recipes.

    SSG xxx

  6. Unfortunately for me, none. lol. Perhaps this book will do the trick.

    Everyone I know, was making soup yesterday. I wish I had found the time, as today the weather is perfect for soup; chilly, rainy, dull, and dreary.

    I have lots of posts to catch up on here Leslie, I'm way behind.


  7. I really make an effort to eat properly (except when I see a bag of Fritos (-:) and I do get a lot of exercise. The inspiration for me to keep healthy and fit is so that I can continue to work in my garden...and do other things of course. I like to read Prevention magazine. This looks like a fun book.

  8. Leslie, this book sounds like such a fun read. I know they're just written as money-spinners but I still fall for them, even if just from the library. But I bet that cover would look really pretty on my book shelf. I like the tips on healthy living from the book too. I try to eat more protein but carbs are always more appealing.

  9. Dear Hostess, Love your blog and several others, as I am also of a certain age. I would like to recommend you read "French Women Don't Get Fat" by Mirielle Guiliano. Fabulous. She also has a new cookbook to compliment her books. You will be inspired like never before.

  10. Where do G&Ts fit in, hostess :)
    I was inspired like Marguerite by "French Women"- her three-bite idea has helped me, so much better than banning wonderful treats. But still do not know how they can go from lunch to an 8 pm dinner on no snacks, I can't!

  11. Angie@Echoesof Laughter-I am a hands on cook...I do have a food processor and a blender and a Braun hand puree gadget (it's name escapes me)

    metscan-You sound very disciplined and not given to laziness!

    Anne-Marie-Sometimes I feel that we are all in the same zone until I read posts of spring weather on other blogs!

    Edith Hope-I have come to read books on fashion, health and weight since I turned 50...and always have a novel on the go.

    SSG-If I remember I'll take some photos of the prep and finished dishes!

    Duchess of H-You have been busy entertaining at the cottage!
    I'll need to read Bringing Home the Birkin!

  12. La Vie Quotidienne-The Prevention magazines that I have seen advocate lots of walking and healthy eating...Frito's hmm, I try not to have anything like that in the cupboard!

    Fiona-I liked your post about healthy eating...carbs are often my downfall.

    Margeurite-Welcome! I've often wondered about her books, I'll have to see if the local Library has a copy.

    Duchesse-G&T's are a treat!
    In the first stage of this eating regime no alcohol is allowed!
    Snacks are required in the Park Avenue Program!

  13. leslie, i have read every book imaginable on health and fitness and no matter how they present it, the bottom line is always, always eat less, move more.


    ps ~ but they are fun to read.

  14. the gardener's cottage-I like it best when they candy coat those facts!
    In my heart I know that's should see my salads...everyday with a wee bit of protein and a small tablespoon of Brianna's Lemon dressing (which I love) my exercise bike is getting used again too!