Sunday, September 12, 2010

Seeing things more clearly now...

my collection of hair clips

I feel that these might be 
a fashion faux pas
I wear them and care not a fig
if they are "in" or "out"
Do you remember the former hairband days of Hilary Clinton ?
she's at it again!

 Hairbands, or Alice Bands as they are known in the UK, are in fact, back "in fashion"
did they ever go "out"?
I think sweatbands did...
but what do I know?

I have heard little about clips...
maybe I am choosing not to see
or hear what might be said of them...
maybe they are unremarkable,
or tacky.

Tiffany's, Hermes or Cartier 
could sell lovely gem encrusted clips
that one could wear
as hair jewelry

I have not found any quality clips
in my city
not in the antique malls
 jewelry shops
mainstream merchants
and I keep looking

I have been growing my hair 
for a few months
and now it falls into my eyes
this bothers me when gardening or bending forward
so I have employed the use of these

as seen here

I am looking forward to when the length has reached my shoulders
my hairdresser says it will be probably be December or thereabouts
(I hope she refrains fom her scissor happy snipping)

I booked "colour only" for my next appointment

 I will be able to put it up in a pony tail
or wear an updo
a french roll
 quick and easy
with a few stray strands at the sides
the curls 

 two donuts that I bought from Finland
aka scrunchies

mette was instrumental in my purchase of these donuts...
it was the power of suggestion

perhaps even a mild case of blogger envy..
she has chic taste
designer clothing
and high end style
go visit and you'll see what I mean.

My lovely daughter came by the other day after her appointment at the salon
 her hair falling just to her shoulders
 much shorter now
she looks even prettier
 (if that's possible)
her hair has more body
I love the loose soft waves 

Here I am a few months ago...

           and this month...

I do not feel very relaxed 
having my picture taken
even if it is a self portrait

I must get over this...
or remove my glasses
a happy blur

fellow blogger materfamilias
is much braver than I
see for yourself!

and this recent post by mette 

and while we are on the portrait topic
look at
leading the way
back when she was a youngster!

Beastly news...
I have damaged my glasses

(the scratch starts above the i in Fendi and goes to my finger)

I wear my glasses
to read or type or thread a needle
not to watch TV, garden, walk or drive...

 the coating somehow got scratched when I was cleaning them
so the eye on the side of the affected lens sees the line
annoying me immensely
more than the hair falling into my gaze...
incidentally the side of the hair falling forward is also the scratched lens side
I could just dispense with the clips and let the hair fall where it may
the lens would be obscured 
and all would be well
would it?

I have swapped back to my former pair as seen in the last image
and I will need to go and have my lens repaired or have a new pair made
so much for not shopping.


  1. Hello Hostess. I'm visiting you from FF and Blighty, and I've been enjoying your very ladylike and charming posts. Could I ask who is modelling your Scrunchie (donut?) and Hair Clips?

  2. Hair accessories are a godsend when growing out your 'do'.
    I'm sure the longer length will suit your face and look fabulous to boot.
    Don't be afraid to have the very ends snipped to avoid breakage and help keep your lovely wave intact.
    How unfortunate about your glasses.

  3. Dear Hostess, Your hair clips are lovely! I should not care whether or not they are in fashion - create your own! Dismal news about your spectacles as repairs, or a new lens, are always fearfully expensive.

  4. You are blessed to have so much wave/curl in your hair! The clips are beautiful and you are right to wear them as you please, in my opinion.

    Your bout with your glasses reminds me that I really must schedule an appointment. I know I need a new prescription, but after 4 years (shame on me), it's time for new frames, too.

    I will be sure to keep the pair I wear now as a "backup". (I have no idea what I would do if anything happens now, because I don't think I kept my former pair!)

    I love your "self portrait"! Now that you've taken the plunge, perhaps we'll see more?

  5. Hello, you look really pretty and I love your hair clips. I actually own a pink fabric Miu Miu headband. Maybe I'll wheel it out. What colour are you getting your 'do done? x

  6. I think your glasses are adorable. I wear my cheap ones from the drugstore all the time, even though they are supposed to be for reading...and if I found some hairclips I liked I would wear them. My hair is down my back at the moment so I tend to just pull it up in a Scrunchie. If I want to look more polished I use these - they are great for loose buns. See what you think.

  7. Thanks for the nod although I'm feeling a bit shy about my "revealing" post. I'll echo what your other commenters say about wearing the clips if they please you. And their commiseration about the glasses -- mine cost as much as a (used) car, and I'd be frantic if I scratched them -- I'm curious to know if they'll be able to polish the scratch off.

  8. You're having fun experimenting! I'm on record for disliking headbands, which to me make women look like little girls (and girlish is not my taste), and I do love beautiful clips and ornaments.

  9. Louise-Welcome!
    I love FF and Blighty's to the model of the hair clips and is a wooly scarf rather vampy, which I have had for awhile and wore to a few rock concerts!

    AnneMarie-My hairdresser will keep me in line, she is a gem, I depend on her expertise and she says that her clients are walking business cards so never fear she'll have her way!

    Edith Hope-These glasses/specs did cost the MIL has hearing aids and they re even more dear...I hope that I can avoid needing those...the older I get the more high maintenance I become!

    Rebecca-Do book your appointment! Our eyes change as we get older and they reveal a lot about our health.

    Faux Fuchsia-I am having my regular high and low lights, it takes hours...I am basically covering and blending the grey...I go to an Aveda salon and have no idea of the colour names...I should ask!

  10. LPC-That site has a huge selection of clips!
    I don't think I have seen a picture of you in glasses...

    materfamilias-I'll keep you posted on the scratch...they are Crizal which are advertized as the strongest coating on the market.
    I could buy 4 Hermes scarves for what my glasses cost!

    Duchesse-I do like your glasses...are yours coated?

  11. If I had those hair clips, I´d try to use several together to make sure that they hold well. I´m once again blushing here, when you are mentioning me, and after a click I see myself. I found it terribly frightening to post a picture of myself. Therefore, I appreciate all the women, who reveal their veil. And I am not referring to those, who pose daily showing their- if I may say- awful outfits nearly always in the same way with a glued on smile. So thank you Hostess for your real , beautiful self.

  12. metscan-I so agree that it is frightening to post our own image for all to see...I feel it is a lesson in getting over our fears and a step toward acceptance.
    I mean every word I write about you mette, and I am so happy that you comment and visit me on a regular basis.

  13. Hostess...Your before and nearly after shots are have a beautiful smile and the glasses are fab although a shame that they scratched. I have been wearing mine more and more these days. I also have contacts and glasses to wear with contacts...all too complicated, the things we do!
    I think your clips suit you and I would wear them any which way you like. I think we look best when we feel like we do...go for it. I have never suited headbands but when desperate around the house and garden I give my bandana a twirl and tie it as a headband to pull my hair back. The more colourful the bandana the also is great for hiking.

    Many thanks for your very kind birthday wishes...

    Jeanne :)

  14. Cute hair clips Hostess and good luck with the hair growing - mine seems to have taken AGES....!! x

  15. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    those hair pind are really beautiful! I had them in a very simple form when I was a child and my mother put them above the forehead - so I have to confess I still have mixed feelings about them. But when I grew my hair I had beautiful glittering ones, too. Now I have cut it shorter again (not too short - from a certain age it is nicer to have a forgiving length) - and fear the months from February to June: my lovely hairdresser announced that she will make a trip around the world! (Might have to follow her :-)

  16. I love the way your hair looks at the moment, Hostess :-)

    SSG xxx

  17. Your new hairstyle looks wonderful on you.

  18. Jeanne- I used to wear my scarf as a headband when my hair was long but the silk is very slippery on my shorter hair...I do like your twirl idea!

    Semi Expat- Hair growth is like a watched pot never boils!

    Britta-If my hairdresser left town I too would want to travel in her company... Bon Voyage!

    SSG-Thank you I am not great at encourage me.

  19. Thanks for naming the hair model. I'm amazed that your scarf is identical to my Bichon Frises' tails! Seriously! They could soon be sporting scrunchies inspired by your photo.

    I know we are supposed to be looking at your hair in the before and after photos, BUT .................

    you have the most amazingly beautiful skin!

  20. I am also growing out a pixie shag and we are at about the same stage. I have a color only appt this evening and can't wait for the much needed attention.

  21. Victoria-Thank you! I had kept it short for quite a few years thinking that a 50 something woman "should" keep her hair on the shorter side and now at 55 I feel I can throw caution to the wind!

    Louise-Thank you for the compliment you have made my day!

    Genuine Lustre-Welcome I hope that you enjoy the pampering and the new look!

  22. I could not live without my hair clips. My hair seems to grow toward my face and, of course, I have an obsession with nothing touching my face! I keep an inexpensive hair clip at the ready when I am working, so much better than the scissors that I used to snip off the annoying bits of hair with lol

  23. Morisot-I feel that I am not alone in this and I am in good company!

  24. Love your hair clips and love the pictures of you smiling- gorgeous!!

  25. The Daily Connoisseur-Merci, and I am enjoying your posts these days and hope your little bundle of joy is thriving!

  26. I love the hair clips and I love the longer hair length on you! I think it makes you look younger than your 29 years!! Angie xo

  27. Angie@Echoes of Laughter- pinch me I am dreaming! Such a sweet comment.....if only I were 29 again!

  28. LOL I also thought the scrunchie model was a dog.

    I like the length of your hair Leslie, I'm trying to go shorter; but my hairdresser keeps resisting.
    I recently had a keratin (sp) treatment, and it made my hair poker straight. I'm happy with the results; but the cost is killer.

  29. Leslie, I say wear your clips with pride, fashion be dashed. I adore both your shorter and your longer styles. Lovely photos!

  30. The duchess of H-I like that we can have fun with our hair...long or short it's a great way to express ourselves. My highlight/lowlight colour sessions are "investments" in me!

    Fiona-Thank you! I adore the photo of you with your chic!