Saturday, September 11, 2010

White tops and black bottoms...

Here they are!

My favourite all time uniform
white tops and black bottoms

these are timeless
just add your personal touch
and you're good to go

brought to my attention 
courtesy of GAP

Donna Karan
love this!

Hugo Boss
another winner!

by Marciano

I would not choose this look for me
but the bra looks very well made and sturdy
It reminds me of the cotton bras
that I wore in the 60's!

Black and white = ladylike
I know this!

this is the recipe
 for dressing
Hostess style

I could have written these words!

it seems so natural

soft wool

Dear Santa...
I lead a very pedestrian life
but one day 
I want to walk
and carry
a Chanel bag...
I could start here and work my way up!

Bazaar magazine
(plus HST)
a bargain
for such 
there's a lot packed into this issue

my weekend = R&R

a wee bit of weeding...
and the garden

Carpe diem


  1. Live the life you want to live

  2. Dear Hostess, What a most striking posting with some splendid images. Black and white ALWAYS looks so very smart whatever the occasion, whatever the weather, whatever the age of the wearer. Although, as I may have remarked, I do not wear trousers myself,nor do I possess any, almost my entire wardrobe is monochrome.

    T, my Hungarian cook/housekeeper's uniform consists of a white shirt and black trousers and although she may not be quite as stylish as the models you show here, she does, I feel, always look very smart. Also, of course, it sets a standard and gives the right impression when she is opening the hall door to visitors.

  3. Thank you for the splendid review. I have slowly turned to black or nearly black, concerning clothes and accessories. Gray is still surrounding me, and then small doses of something else. White and black look fine, but it has to be just the right shade of white, maybe the off white.

  4. Oh we are birds of a feather dear hostess.
    My 'uniform' when travelling is black, white and grey. Add a coloured scarf and/or accessories and presto..looking good! Ensures packing is a breeze because all garments work together.
    At home also I would be lost without these two basics.
    Love the very chic photos above.

  5. hi leslie,

    well you know i love all black and white. i guess b/c of my restaurant/catering days i don't like to wear white tops with black pants. i always feel the need to fill peoples drinks or clear their plates! but i do love black tops with white pants though.


  6. I do love black and white too but agree with Janet - I know its crazy but I do feel a little like a waitress if I wear a white top with a black pair of pants/trousers! All black or all white for me is better...Lovely post and I am sure you enjoyed the magazine - a great little treat to savour. x

  7. Edith Hope-Janet-Semi Expat-I do like wearing a white top and dark bottoms...a black skirt, dark denim jeans or black trousers....and don't feel at all like a waitress or like Edith's Hungarian homekeeper!

    Metscan-I adore grey as well and it combines so well with B&W.

    Anne Marie-I pack like you! It's so simple, just add a colourful scarf or shoes and accessories.

  8. I love your uniform! Black & white is so classic. My uniform always includes a necklace of some sort or a chunky bracelet. I didn't wear white tops for a long time because I had little kids and my tops always got stained, but the kids are older now and don't wipe their nose or hands on me anymore! lol. Angie xo