Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer's over but not according to Nelly!

A pleasant surprise greeted me when I popped out on the sundeck to take some images of the garden...
Nelly Moser clematis divine!

obviously she's happy here
as she's putting on another show

the raised veggie beds are still producing beets and swiss chard
the patio tomatoes have more to offer

here's the area we reclaimed as grass
for future familygames
we bought sod
 Kentucky Bluegrass
rolled it out 
instant lawn
a bit of a colour difference
 Mr. HB assures me this will eventually blend 
the rose and other plants were relocated
and some were put on the boulevard with the free plants sign

my neighbour across the street has Muscovey ducks
 besides eating sowbugs and slugs they have been eating her hostas 
she took all the hostas that I could supply
I suggested that she skip a step
instead of planting them....
give them straight to the ducks
(she raised her eye but did not look amused)

I needed mascara
I do not like my lashes naked and pale
so I purchased

infused with sap moss
a greener choice
a gardener can appreciate this product
I love the formulation
easy to apply
separates lashes 
and they look thick without globby hitch-hikers

my salon's esthetician informed me that the new rose based mascara will be the penultimate mascara
 available Spring 2011
I've already marked my calendar.

Bungalow indoor kitchen sill garden
phalaenopsis orchid
 Lamp Berger
my favourite way to scent the home

I've completely forgotten this hardy plants name
It blooms forever...

dinner is simmering on the stove
tonight a simple supper
clam chowder
a one pot wonder
perfect for Fall

what did you do this weekend?
what are you planning to do this coming week?


  1. Love clematis...they have a little trouble here because it is so hot, but because they are so pretty I attempt to grow them anyway. I spent my weekend gardening and putting the finishing touches on a new gravel seating area - which you will eventually see on a post.(-: Your new grass area is are putting grass in and I am taking it out; such is life! Take care.

  2. So calming, just to hear your day. I made potted chicken, cut back the lychnis, planned blog posts and took some pictures. Somehow that took all day:).

  3. So funny your throwaway line to the neighbour re her ducks eating the hostas.

    I would love this chowder receipe please Leslie.
    From memory the best chowder I've eaten was in Carmel by the Sea, California. Hard to find this dish on any menus in these here parts unfortunately.

    It's raining so I will take the opportunity to catch up on domestic duties this week.
    So exciting...not.

  4. LaVieQuotidienne- I took grass out a few years ago.....and I am older now without a garden helper...I do not want to trade my house cleaner for a weeder so I am simplifying!

    LPC-Your day sounds full to the brim....a day of rest is in order!

    Anne-Marie-Chowder recipe as requested:
    Saute 2 diced onions until golden in butter or (bacon if you wish)
    add 2 cups diced celery, 3 large diced carrots, 4 medium chopped potatoes and add 2 cups of water to cook until soft add 2 large tins of clams and juice, and cook for 40 minutes then decide if you want to add 1 cup of cream or 1 can of tomato paste...Boston or Manhatten....simmer for an hour...serve with bread or crackers.

  5. Gee that garden is lovely. I want the chowder NOW!

  6. Dear Hostess, Your garden is certainly looking very neat and the new lawn will soon mesh with the original. You must be thrilled with all your hard work and how wonderful to have the Nelly Moser blooming so prolifically at this late stage of the year.

  7. Dear Hostess!
    There is no clematis still out in this neck of the woods though Jude the Obscure continues to flower he was well named by David Austin. Your new arrangement works well and look great.
    Gathered in two buckets of walnuts today-I can't let Faux Fuschia know the dreadful damage to my manicure!

  8. Editeh Hope- Thank you and I am surpirsed that she decided to rebloom! Thank goodness the hard work is finished, my muscles need the epsom salt treatment!

    aurora ruby-Your secret is safe with lovely to have fresh walnuts! Love Jude too!

  9. I think I have a comment about every picture. The clematis is so pretty. Love the stripes. Your grass area looks so nice. Thank you for the mascara tip. Funny about the globby hitchhikers. Perfect description for when that happens. Love the pretty orchid. I hope the name of that lovely blueish flower comes to you. I'd love to know what it is. Your dinner looks so yummy! I wish I could come over. Yours is the first recipe I've saved on my hard drive. I look forward to making it. What a nice blog post to read and enjoy. Thank you.

  10. Victoria-You have a new Blog! I only knew about the Ozarks Crescent Hotel!

  11. Edith and Aurora-I apologize for misspelling your names!

  12. This is the only clam chowder I like; Manhattan style! I don't know why it isn't more popular than the the cream based New England, if the only difference is adding a cup of cream?

    Thanks for the recipe!


  13. Donna-I am very happy to share this recipe...your new kitchen countertops look amazing!

  14. "One pot wonders" are a huge part of autumn and winter for me! Your chowder looks delicious.

    The grass is lovely, but my eye kept returning to the bungalow garden shed. I'd love to see more photos of it! I love all things rustic and simple. They soothe me.

  15. i recently discovered Lampe Berger at a gay-couple's home. They love it. I love it, too!
    What scent do you favour during fall/winter?
    I am still holding on to "Neutral", since the dew-morning-scent was too ... dewy?!