Friday, September 24, 2010

yellow blooms, a hasty planting...

a little burry image of my pudding bowl 
I planted these in a hurry
lots of things happening here
we have
a house guest
family obligations
we are dealing with a dysfunctional relative
there's one in every family!

         I thought that these were pansies
I do know
     they are sunny yellow
    and they add light to the grey rainy days
and I love blooming things

cheap and cheerful

they'll have a spot on the porch
on the black wicker table

I have taken all the cushions off and stored them for the winter

Fall is upon us...
summer is over

I feel like
pulling the covers up 
sipping hot tea

look what my houseguest brought for me!
from England

reading a good book

cocooning in my nightgown

I'm off to the serenity of my bedroom
sweet dreams to all...


  1. Cheery yellow flowers make me smile.

    I like reading about northern hemisphere folk packing away outside patio cushions during fall and winter. Here in sunny Queensland our cushions are left outside all year round because our autumn and winter are so very brief and not at all what you would describe as cold and definately no snow.
    I do feel like I am experiencing the four seasons reading your lovely blog Hostess!

  2. Snuggle in, friend. Sometimes one must CREATE their own comfort... In doing so, you've created a sense of comfort for me :) Thank you.

  3. Those yellow pansies are so cheerful!

  4. Hostess...Emma Bridgewater makes fabulous ceramic products. I think you did very well! I love seeing your porch furniture. I remember when you were first deciding what colour to paint them!

    Best wishes...

    Jeanne :)

  5. You are such a splendid hostess! I love the little things you do to make your visitors feel special! You seem to have this special, rare gift!

  6. I just jotted a remider down: Molly Kean I will order at Amazon and read - and then I thought of Molly Sanderson - those deep black pansies...

  7. Anne-Marie-We do have 4 seasons...I am learning so much more about different countries and their weather patterns through blogs...
    Yellow flowers seem like sunshine to me so I choose them in arrangements often...the only yellow ones I grow in the garden are daffodils..and a few roses.

    Rebecca-You sound very wise, and I am happy to know that I may have made you smile.

    Deja Pseu-The little blooms look like smiling faces!

    Jeanne-You remembered I am flattered.
    I am so happy with the black painted wicker!

    I have several pieces of Emma's ceramics and love them all.
    She has such a variety of wares and they are's really special when someone gifts you with something you love.

    metscan-I am sure that you would be an excellent hostess have fine taste and are aware of and attend to details.

    Britta-I hope that you enjoy this novel...I have just started but am finding it very descriptive of the period of time and the characters.

    Teresa-Welcome to the Bungalow...I am grammy too! goodness you are organized!

  8. your house always looks so crisp and gorgeous. x

  9. Faux Fuchsia-Perhaps that's because I rarely take images of the occassional chaos! You are a sweet friend FF :)