Thursday, September 2, 2010

Metscan's Blog bag wardrobe.

A challenge was issued to show off our bags...
by mette as seen here

Her bags are very chic....YSL and  Chanel....
I am not one that walks away from a challenge so here goes...

Bag 1
 Furla Carmen Shopper 
Embossed Leather Mahogany

Bag 2
Elliot Lucca
Black Leather

Bag 3
Berge Italian Black Leather Tote

Bag 4
Roots Brown Leather Saddle Bag

Bag 5
Vintage eelskin

Bag 6
Vintage leather embossed evening bag by Koret

Bag 7
Aldo small leather mahogany clutch

Bag 8
Banana Republic leather clutch

Bag 9
Vintage eelskin envelope 

Bag 10
Tory Burch Leather Messenger Bag

Bag 11
Michael Kors Santorini
Leather and Raffia

Anyone else want to show us their bag collection?


  1. hi leslie,

    great bags. i adore the photo of bag 8, gorgeous shot.


  2. That's a nice collection, and you seem to have covered all the bases.

    I'm in the process of trying to sell some bags right now (have WAY too many) so maybe I'll do a post of the ones I'm planning to keep...

  3. The Gardener's cottage-Green is my favourite colour Janet..maybe that influenced the shot.

    Deja Pseu-You might consider a post on the bags you want sell...maybe we'd like to buy them!

  4. Great!!! I like you attitude. You have managed well-11 bags! My favorites are the vintage eel and the Michael Kors bag! The latter is SO You! Have you already edited some of your bags, or are you too in the middle of that process? Do you use all the bags regularly, are there any you could part with? I do like the other vintage one as well! Thank you for mentioning my blog for starters : )!

  5. Metscan-I could edit a few...The Berge, the Aldo, and The Koret for starters....not money makers though...I'd donate them.
    I do use the evening ones, and the others get fair play..I'll keep the eelskins as they are versatile...and the mention is my pleasure!

    It was your idea after all!

  6. A girl can never have too many handbags or shoes :)

  7. Anne-Marie-I too have a huge weakness for bag and shoes!!
    Such an easy accessory to buy...

  8. Impressive! I have pared down to just a few. I found I seldom changed out my bags. Seemed like too much trouble. (Maybe I ought to pare down on the items I carry....hmmmmmmmm.)

  9. I can't seem to open Metscan anymore. It says open to invited readers only. I followed her blog for years and have changed around the way I read blogs. I would love to be invited to her blog so I can catch up if you wouldn't mind passing the word to her to invite me. My email is Thank you so much.