Monday, September 20, 2010

Lanvin and Park Avenue...interlopers in the Humble Bungalow!

When it comes to scarves 
I am wooed by Hermes and luxe silk
handrolled edges

 I can be persuaded to purchase other designers scarves
and here's an example

a foray into orange
with the safety net of navy and white

Park Avenue shirt
softest cotton
it is made for a man
but worn by a woman

the quality
is Luxe

I feel very comfortable wearing a man's shirt
I can wear it with the collar and cuffs turned up
and tucked into jeans
or layer it over a white tank
or loosely belted
dare I say

is there a certain look or style that makes you feel more confident ? my happy red shoes


  1. VERY stylish Hostess. I bet you feel high wearing the pictured. I might add that I feel a bit of envy for people, who can wear white shirts and scarves with nonchalance.

  2. Shirt, scarf and necklace = divine.

    At the mention of your happy red shoes I have resolved to purchase the pretty red flats I spied yesterday.
    Fingers crossed when I revisit today these beauties have not already been sold!!

  3. hi leslie,

    i love your shirt, scarf and pearls. i think you know my style by now. i've plastered it for the world to see. but i think we are on the same page of the beautiful, understated style of the white shirt.


  4. metscan-I feel comfy and more "me" wearing these...nothing haughty at all!

    Blighty-Scarves are such a great source of colour and fun...and often very affordable.

    Anne Marie- I hope that you found those red shoes!

    Janet- I still love those red cowboy boots of yours!!

  5. Such a rich and elegant look. Great choices...every french woman would be proud.(-: So chic.

  6. You had me at the pearls! A timeless look.

  7. La Vie Quotidienne- Merci beaucoup!
    I'm having fun playing around different looks.

    Duchesse- I often wonder what made me into such a pearl girl.
    Do you know why you love them so much?

  8. I love the way you have the scarf over the shirt, with pearls at the throat. I have always worn the scarf over the pearls and know it isn't quite right. All your pieces are divine.