Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lights, camera, action....

New lights in the Bungalow
I am so excited 
I will be able to see so much better!

Arts and crafts style fixture
custom crafted
by Waterglass Studios
 if you look closely
you'll see some holes...
ceiling patching and paint 
will be added onto the "honey do list"

my trusty camera
an oldie but a goodie

a Nordstrom's box
wait for it...

my boots arrived

they fit and 
they're super comfy
and the desired flat sole
for the sake of my feet

buckle up


the leather is pebbled like my Roots bag
soft and supple

we get buckets of rain here in the Pacific Northwest
 so boots are required
"Gum boots" or  Hunter's for gardening or beach walks
lined boots with traction for snow days
and these for
window shopping
work and play
antiquing and thrifting
and so much more...

I was very apprehensive about the sizing, shipping and quality
I am pleased and content.
 "generic fashion boots"
have a new home.

your service agents are so helpful
especially to a rookie like the Hostess
I heard no laughing
just efficient polite responses
which I do so appreciate
Thank you!


  1. Those lights are absolutely perfect! And I'm glad to see your feed ready for fall.

  2. The lights and boots (footlights?) are both fabulous!

  3. oh i'm loving those. can see them with a crisp white shirt...i bet you are too. very classy.


    ps ~ almost forgot, adore the lights they are perfect.

  4. LPC-I almost want it to rain! You have no idea how enlightened my kitchen is now...I can really see! Thank you for being here...

    Deja Pseu-Footlights.. you must have been on stage at some point!
    glad that you like them!

  5. Janet- You know me well....but tonight I am wearing a white tee, grey mohair cardigan, skinny jeans....and the new boots!
    The white shirt is hanging to dry downstairs, I wore it earlier today with the scarf...

  6. Those lights are great! and so are the boots! You'll get so much wear from those, looking good and feeling comfy.

  7. materfamilias- I have been wearing them for awhile...super comfy
    not Frye's like you have...but I am hoping that they work for me.

  8. Loving the boots and lights.
    So glad your online purchase was successful.

  9. Dear Hostess, How clever of you to have sourced those perfect light fittings. The Arts and Craft influence is very evident and is in perfect harmony with the architecture of your house. These small details make all the difference to a successful interior or one which fails to reach the mark.

    I am so pleased that you are pleased with your boots. It is always such a risk purchasing on-line.

  10. The boots look fine on you : ) Oh , the lights too are in their right element !

  11. love your boots! They even look soft in the photograph.

  12. Your new kitchen lights are a great choice Leslie. They mirror their cupboards so well.

    Gorgeous boots too. Well done.

  13. Lovely lights and beautiful boots hostess!! xx

  14. Beautiful arts and crafts lights ... needed here in gloomy Pacific Northwest! Fantastic boots, too.

  15. metscan, jenndon, fiona, semi expat and KU- Thank you for your kind words and I am wearing my boots today as it's raining...!
    KU-I see that you live in the Pacific Northwest so you'll understand the dressing for the weather and the need for light!

  16. Nice lights, nice boots, you are all set! I am plotting a purchase of some Hunter wellies - at the moment I wear pink with hearts on bought from the kids dept, think i need to grow up, boot wise! xx

  17. Blighty-What colour Hunters?
    Have you seen the cute red Joules boots with big red grossgrain bows on the back? Not for serious digging in the garden but VERY cute!
    You must have small feet if you can wear kids sizes!

  18. Nice boots, Leslie! You sure are brave; ordering footwear online.