Friday, September 3, 2010

Busy times...

I will be busy getting things in order here in the Bungalow and garden
  I will be walking away from the computer for most the weekend.

I have the garden almost ready for the sod delivery.
I removed and replanted a few sections of the Bungalow Garden
to reclaim some greenspace.

I am streamlining my plan and attempting to cut back on the amount of time required to keep all tidy and tended in my patch.

I also am getting my head around the concepts here in Brain Rules.
It's very heady stuff...

I hope that your weekend has some pleasant surprises
and that you can savour some sweet moments
just for you!


  1. Dear Hostess, I have such complete admiration for you since, in my eyes, you are always busy and I have never spotted anything out of place in either the Bungalow or its Garden in any of your postings. When you are not laying turf you are sorting out your wardrobe, when you are not deadheading the roses you are polishing the silver......I am exhausted just thinking about it all!!

    Do find time to relax and enjoy a well deserved rest this weekend, perhaps thumbing through 'Brain Rules'!!

  2. Hostess: I so agree with Edith Hope. Where and how on earth do you find time for doing so many things! I´m glad that you every now and then get your treats at the spa. But I understand, that you like to buzz around. You indeed are The Hostess!

  3. Is that the gorgeous Graham Thomas I spy?
    Enjoy the long weekend!

  4. Beautiful roses...David Austin, I am sure.(-: One of my greatest treats was going to his nursery when I last went to England - amazing! are putting sod in your garden and I am taking it out! Making a new gravel sitting area.

  5. Busy minds are happy minds
    and I think you have that in spades.


    Jeanne xx

  6. is that silver leaf with the rose cineraria? Good luck with the sod (which I am assuming is grass) x

  7. Love the roses. The Brain Rules book sounds fascinating. Will google it.

    Hope all is well with you.

    SSG xxx

  8. Edith Hope and Metscan-I have been busy and will start to slow down as school is about to start here and I will be back in the Library part time.
    I do relax, usually with a cup of tea and a great read, be it a novel or my favourite magazine Cointry Living UK!

    materfamilias-This David Austin is Jude the Obscure.

    La Vie Quotidienne-I love gravel...especially the crunching sound underfoot when walking on it!

    Jeanne- I like being busy...not sure why but I do.

    Faux Fuchsia-Yes sod is comes in rolls like a carpet!
    I do not know if the silver plant is a cineraria...I'll need to google that one! The plant tag was missing when I got it...

    SSG-The Brain Rules was pretty technical but interesting.
    You have been really busy I see in your recent blog posts!