Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Toadstools, mushrooms, funghi alert!

If you go out in the woods today
you're sure of a big surprise...

I couldn't resist this!


look at these toadstools

bright orange

these mushrooms are poisonous...

I was able to determine their name by googling images
these are amanita muscaria

flat topped and spotty

like a space station 
beneath the shrubbery!

these images were captured a few blocks from the Bungalow
not in the woods or the forest
Never eat mushrooms from the wild unless you know for a fact that they are not toxic
every year people die from eating poisonous mushrooms.


  1. Also know as Deathcap. Right? yikes....

  2. LPC-Very scary...and a few had bite marks...maybe some deer are feeling poorly...

  3. Have you taken the pictures on the same day? I have never seen so many at the same time! Yes, I know that they are not to be collected, but they are cute!!

  4. metscan-Yes...they were taken all within a few minutes of each other!
    I have never seen these so close to home before...
    and there were quite a few in the same location that had bites out of them that I did not photograph.

  5. These mushrooms remind me of storybook illustrations.
    Shame something so pretty is deadly.

  6. Hi,

    Talk about great minds running in the same circle...check out my post today. I think you will be amused.(-: Yours however are real and just amazing!

  7. despite being poisonous they are quite attractive...

  8. Anne-Marie-They do look pretty and their orange hue makes them stand out they're almost tempting...the ones that had bite marks made me wonder what animal might have tasted them.

    LaVieQuotidienne-I commented on your mushrooms on your blog!

    Faux Fuchsia-It is interesting that something in nature can be so beautiful and yet so toxic.

  9. I have a friend who had an experience with this mushroom. She didn't eat it; but they cut one open, and the knife wasn't washed.