Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's in my handbag....

I was interested in the latest post from the Daily Connoisseur on what's in my handbag...seen here

She has a very tidy and organized got me thinking...
I grabbed my camera and took a quick shot of the bag I used today...Elliot Lucca
any relation to Monserrat de Lucca ? cousins perchance?

and dumped out the contents of my bag...
Contents as follows;
Starbucks Gum, 
Volvo keys,  
LG cellphone ( emergencies only phone) 
Spencer and Rutherford wallet,
Scholastic tape measure (freebie from a book fair)
Stim-U-Dents ( if your over 50 try these)
cuticle scissors ( Libraries and gardens take their toll)
Rebar snack (in case I am hypoglycemic and want fries and a burger)
 zebra print roll up carry bag (top left)
Chanel lipstick #11 Legende
Chanel lipgloss #69 
Keep Calm and Carry On...mirror
Persol polarized sunglasses
almost full of photos of Isla....

I am wondering what is in your handbag?

I need a new summer bag...any suggestions?
I love the Coach Limited Edition Straw Bag
any thoughts?


  1. I love the Grammy Brag Book and the Keep Calm and Carry On mirror especially.

    I need that mirror!

    SSG xxx

  2. Me, too (especially the Keep Calm and Carry On mirror)! You're a brave one - dumping your purse like that. I'm afraid I have too many bits and pieces - scraps of paper, a button or two, a penny I was too lazy to open my coin purse for, and generic fuzz (ick!) I have a tiny portable sewing kit, about 6 pens, and a datebook, too...

  3. Love the Keep Calm and Carry on mirror! I just received a great straw tote for my birthday, from of all places a local gardening boutique. It's great!

  4. Are you thinking of a city bag or a mall bag?. I realize that I have worn 2 months the same bag, as an everyday bag. I usually change bags when the season changes. This summer seems to be dedicated to YSL sisal Roady. It is the easiest of bags and as carefree as my felt Downtown, which is starting it´s third or fourth season next early winter. Have you checked NAP, Mytheresa,Luisaviaroma, Raffaello and Matches online shops?
    I try to minimize the stuff I carry in my bag. How cool would it be to not carry a bag at all! I do prefer large bags, due to my height; a small bag would look ridiculous on me. Even if the bag is large, it doesn´t mean that I have to stuff it full. I have my umbrella, torch and sun glasses + foldable bag in my car, and take them along, if I figure I´ll need them. The big bag carries the small purchases. I need my wallet, a small selection of cosmetics, car+home keys, Nokia phone, hairbrush and maybe my agenda. That´s all.

  5. Would you be posting a pic of Isla?

    I use a sportsac triple-zip bag (about 6 x 4 inches) to hold all 'stuff" so just pop it into various bags. Alternating b/t a thrift store find- Italian raffia with leather trim- and a natural colour Bree shoulder bag.

  6. So sorry, I meant a YSL raffia tote, not sisal!!

  7. I love that you posted this! Isn't it fascinating to see what other people carry around with them? Love your Chanel lipstick and gloss- so chic... thanks for the mention too xo

  8. hi leslie,

    my current bag is a perfectly distressed, i think vintage, gucci bag that i got at a thrift store. i adore this bag more than any bag i've ever owned.

    inside i carry one of those new wallet/clutch thingys. everything fits in it so all i add is my sunglasses. pretty easy. i'd like to see that limited edition coach bag though.


  9. The Keep Calm and Carry On is a very popular "English" slogan here. I see tea towels, T-shirts, carry bags and magnets and mirrors...maybe my next giveaway will be something from this line.

    metscan-I visited all those online shops and they are a goldmine for luxe bags! Thank you!

    Duchesse- I am not posting baby Isla pictures on the blog for privacy reasons, I hope you understand.

    Daily Connoisseur-You were the inspiration here, merci beaucoup.

    Gardener's cottage- A thrifted Gucci bag! Let's see it and the contents too! You must have pinched yourself when you found that bag!!

  10. If I kept calm and carried on; I'd probably have a stroke. I'm more the Flip Out, and Make it Work type. lol.

    I keep everything I need in a purse organiser, so I can switch out bags in an instant, and it keeps me from having to rummage around for a lipstick, or keys.

    A tape measure, pencil, and a Sherwin Williams fan deck are the most useful things, besides my credit cards in my purse.

    My portable 'office' is a Louis Vuitton, Cabas Piano bag. I just wish it had feet on it, because it's often on a floor, somewhere.