Friday, June 11, 2010

Eileen Fisher and I are friends again...

As luck would have it I have a date with Eileen.
SHE's baaaccck!
Oh I love shopping my closet...
it's a new season.
When I change around my clothing for a new season it's like meeting old friends again.
Some are old friends and some are forgotten ones.

A co-worker mentioned about boosting the metabolism by 30%
 with the simple addition of freshly cut lemons to the water that we drink.
I was skeptical...
it might be the walking
 or the hydration
 not too sure which. 
Things are starting to shift a bit below the belt.

I am happy to be donning my black Eileen's again.

Here they are at their coming out party...
Josef Seibel shoes, Banana Republic linen tank and T combo, 
Debbie Kay neck art, and Eileen Fisher pants.

Kicking it up a notch...
Vintage eel skin clutch, sequined flats, THX gauzy animal print top, beads and starring Eileen Fisher.

I could swap out the THX and add this sequined Tee,
vintage Sherman rhinestone pin.
Fashion comes and is forever.
Why is it that
Flowers never go out of fashion?

Climbing Royal Sunset Rose
a classic,
in a thrifted glass tile block.


  1. Congratulations on the shift(s):).

  2. YAY You!!!

    I can assure you drinking lemon water wont harm you...but if it boosted metabolism that much we would all be skinny!

  3. What lovely togs you have ! (togs= Blighty speak for clothes) Bx

  4. You have chosen your outfits with thought. All pieces look comfortable and so you! Is the black sequined T a new one? The rhinestone pin fits so well with it! I too congratulate on the shifting;)

  5. Love the black sequined tee! Personally, I think EF is great for well-made and packable basic pieces. The key is to add some pizzazz, which you've done here fabulously!

  6. Oh beautiful again, thank you! And what a bright idea to put the dresses together with the accessoires and take pictures of them! (Last year I made pictures with me inside the dresses - and after that I sorted some out, although they fitted and were o.k. - but o.k. is just not good enough) It's better to have fiewer, but great "Friends"! Britta

  7. It's fun to take out spring things! I cannot wear EF pants, too short in the inseam; her clothes are still not cut for my frame. But they suit so many women. Sequined tees are wonderful.

  8. Great combinations Hostess... love the animal print gauzy top esepcially - and your roses are stunning too! x

  9. Sorry, meant to type ESPEcially... typing too fast and not paying attention again! x

  10. I've just come in to check posts as a break from gardening -- and with a plan to grab some scissors to snip some Royal Sunset blooms to bring inside -- aren't they fab right now?
    (as are your various combos -- well done!)

  11. Suburban princess- I think it was exaggerated! It does hydrate and detoxify though! LOL

    metscan-The Tee is a former purchase, I had a blog post about it quite awhile ago. I haven't bought anything new in ages.

    Britta- It seems that we women are all streamlining our wardrobes these days.

    Duchess-I am short waisted so maybe that's why Eileen fits!

    Semi Ex-I type to fast as well...many a typo on my comments on other blogs!

  12. materfamilias- Love them too...I bury my face in the bouquet and take a deep breath!