Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Garden project reveal...don't get too excited.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was working on a garden project...well I am finished.
Here are all the boulevard freebies painted black.
Yes that is a bowling ball on top of the stand!

I have laid the slate down near the work area..
most gardeners need a space to sift compost, store larger tools and hide them from view.
Mr. HB erected the lattice section of fencing, I think it looks lovely!

I have planted the wooly thyme between the slate
these fill in and become a living carpet
and they have sweet mauve flowers.

The foxgloves are very nearly done, they'll look like the dogs breakfast soon.
I cut them down, save the seeds and they multiply like mad.
They are quite a traditional plant in the cottage garden but have fallen out of favour.
I adore them, and I love hollyhocks too.
I only have a couple of hollyhocks and they are very small as they are new.
Some people have better luck with them than I do
 I am not too sure if it is the soil or the salt air that keeps them from being happy and thriving here.
I'm not giving up though...

The sun came out yesterday and I am so grateful
our weather has been positively beastly.
I hope the sun is shining on your patch today.


  1. Your "found" furniture looks fabulous! I love the lattice fencing and your slate walkway too.

  2. Oh it's adorable! I love the little area to do the work. So nice.

  3. Everything looks wonderful! Great job!

  4. Your garden area looks so you! Things happening here and there, but you manage to keep an order and have patience to finish what you started with. Will you show us the outdoor furniture gathering?

  5. hi leslie,

    i think everything looks so good. especially the found furniture painted black and the bowling ball! i love the pavers and the area mr hb made for all the unsightly garden chores. i could use an area like that. foxgloves out of favor? not here, they are difficult to grow and are costly. your garden is just as sweet as you.


  6. Deja Pseu- Found furnitures does sound much better than Boulevard freebies!
    LPC- It is great to hide the unkempt...as it does so detract from the ambiance of the garden.
    metscan- which outdoor gathering did you want to see?
    The gardener's cottage-Yes, I have it on good authority...a high profile gardener who has a great following was declaring that foxgloves were really rather "common" and yet I embrace their beauty....and can never have too many! I guess that I am not a trend setter in the area of plantings...I care not a fig!

  7. Hostess: The front porch, the facade. A whole view?

  8. So enjoy this glimpse into the corners of your yard & garden. The rescued and restored furniture is charming...the personal touches are inviting and inspiring.

  9. Your garden is absolutely charming!

  10. metscan-I will post another photo soon!

    Rebecca-Marieanne-Thank you, now if the sun could come out and warm up things I could sit and read for a bit!