Saturday, June 5, 2010

My new the talk and walk the walk.

Walking my neighbourhood is helping me in many ways.
The benefits are improved sleep and a sense of calm.
I hope to report a change in my weight and more muscle a few weeks.
In the meantime, I am delighted by the scenic route that I walk....

The oceanfront 1 block from The Bungalow

If I got tuckered out I could sit a bit and rest

I am on the beach here

Bull kelp
(gardeners drag these home chop them into chunks and lay them on the beds)

That must have been one very big tree!

Driftwood art

Lush beach garden

Driftwood steps

I'd love to walk up the stairs and see the rest of the garden

Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

There's really no excuse for me not to adopt a new routine that has healthy benefits and costs nothing...
except time.
 Summer will be here soon and the sun has been making itself known.
Thank goodness for that as I was beginning to wonder if it would ever shine down on our patch!
I have sunscreen and sunglasses and shoes.

Walking away from the computer now...
hope that your weekend is wonderful.
Hugs from the Hostess.


  1. That looks like a beautiful walk!!
    We have to drive to the beautiful walk around here!

  2. I'm "jealous" of the beach you have so near. I need to get back to my walking routine. My neighborhood is "common" but there is still much beauty to be absorbed. We have no excuse for not exercising, do we?

  3. I love to go on neighborhood walks and do it almost daily..., and when I walk down Main road the ocean inlet is right there. Love that driftwood!!

  4. The scenery differs from ours! It looks very lovely. No driftwood over here. You can get addicted in walking too ; )

  5. Hostess, that photo with the bench is just gorgeous. Did you take it yourself? I have put it up on my Tumblr photo blog. Thank you!

  6. hi leslie,

    what a gorgeous walk you have. you must be so grateful for the beautiful scenery. are you feeling any of the effects of walking, improved mood, sore muscles, etc.?


  7. I'm envious of your beautiful scenery while you walk!! We are an hour from the beaches and unfortunately they are now threatened by the oil is heartbreaking.

  8. LPC-I take all the photos for my blog...I think it's more personal that way...I didn't know that you had another blog!

    Rebecca-There are "common parts" to my neighbourhood as well and I am with you on finding beauty in all things.

    Janet-My muscles are sore, and I am very grateful. I owe you a lot for inspiring me...

    Maya-I can see by your blog that you are also an ocean lover...and a Pisces!

    jenndon-I've seen some of the pictures of the spill and it is such an enormous disaster. I'd be heartbroken too.

  9. Good for you! I'm doing the same with my walks on the Island. Love your photo's, they make me homesick for the westcoast! Happy walking.... Susan :)

  10. Great photos Hostess - love your walking route ! x

  11. Susan-Your coast looks steeped in history and exudes quaint charm, your blog is a delight!

    Semi Ex-Thank you, I am having fun with the camera!