Thursday, June 3, 2010

Definitely not from Paris!

Hermes sends me regular updates
I am on their mailing list
I love the look of this new equestrian silk scarf!
I adore the colours
I could wear it when I go and visit my sister and see her horses.

Grammy-in-waiting here, that's me aka The Hostess, has started to buy a few little toys.
Grammy wants to have a collection of play things at the Bungalow

I found these two charming little finger puppets which were hand knit by women in Peru
I was smitten with their faces
I took an inordinate amount of time selecting just two
they all were so adorable!

LPC from the blog privilege recently returned home from a trip to Paris.
She showed us her designer mitt purchases and I realized that my mitts would be in the Hall of Shame!

Look at these disgraceful mitts!
I have washed them too.

Here are the new ones.
Not designer mittens
not from Paris
from the local cookery shop

I can feel much better now
I am Keeping Up Appearances.


  1. The new mitts look great! Love the handwoven finger puppet toys too.

  2. Smart new mitts for your mitts (as Faux Fuschia would say!)... And what about those knitted toys?! I LOVE knitted toys and I would have been exactly the same taking ages over the selection - they have to have a friendly faces - ts a must!x

  3. Love the new mitts! And the baby toys.

    SSG xxx

  4. I ran out to the kitchen to check MY mitts. I could use some new ones, too!

    Funny - I just mentioned Keeping Up Appearances on my lifeandgodliness blog yesterday! It is one of the few TV shows we watch religiously.

  5. Where is the Hermes? Am I missing something? ? I see your old oven mitts, mine look much the same, I would have loved to join you in the Hall of Shame ; ), so now it is only me there. I have a very cute collection of finger puppets too. Waiting--- I´ll show them some time. We can play with them while waiting :)

  6. Toys at granny's house are the best. And just so as you know, I would never look down on anyone for old oven mitts. Especially not someone who ever cooked for me:).

  7. metscan-the Hermes scarf is the in background image on the computer screen. I will look forward to the finger puppet reveal!

    LPC-If you came to the Bungalow for dinner...I'd make sure I had pristine mitts!

  8. LOL I keep forgetting to even buy mitts, and when I do look; they're never in a colour I like. I just use random pot holders, or tea towels.

  9. Love the little toys,they are so cute, also I am very impressed by the new oven gloves,very smart, you may just have started a blogger oven glove renewal tidal wave - maybe I will buy shares in oven glove company Blightyx