Friday, June 25, 2010

Kitchen carpet

I have a new carpet!

I have placed it in my kitchen and I love the way it brightens up the area. It is soft on my bare feet as I pad about the kitchen working.
My neighbour Margo who is moving, was throwing it out....she mentioned that her father bought it at an auction many years ago....thanks Margo. (She hails from eastern Canada)

Rugs and carpets are a mystery to me...wools, the dyes, the patterns...
I have absolutely no idea where this rug was woven or what kind of style it is...all I know is that I like it.
I think that's enough.

It fits in with the smaller rug I already own.

I could research it...but am rather busy at the moment.

Anyone out there know where it might be from or it's age?
I welcome any comments and who knows maybe we can figure this out collectively...
as we say in school....put your thinking caps on!

Hope that you have a great weekend.


  1. I don't know much about this, although I love the carpet in my living room. First thing, I believe, is to check the weave. Is this an actual woven carpet, of wool, or wool and silk? How does it appear to be dyed?

  2. I like Oriental rugs too. Many wool rugs come from Iran, Pakistan, but I don´t know about your´s. Our dogs love these rugs too. I like the functionality of them. Oriental rugs never look dirty and they age beautifully. Great during the cold winter months. We take them out in the winter, when the temperature drops under -20°C for a 24 hours. That´s the cleaning they tolerate ( naturally the vacuum cleaning first ).

  3. "Keep Calm and Carry On". It's from a British government poster produced during World War II - encouraging people to further stiffen the upper lip in extremely trying times.

  4. I have a number of similar rugs--all nicely rolled up and in storage, now that we have a houseful of unreliably-housetrained pets--that I bought on eBay. Some quick research there will give you similar styles that you may be able to tie to this lovely piece. Good luck.

  5. Great rug! And what a perfect addition to your kitchen.

  6. What a gift - lucky YOU!!

    There are some great books on rugs and I'm sure your local library has some.

    I LOVE your blog and I'm a francophile too!

    Please come and visit me and I'll get my pretty teacups out and make YOU very welcome!

  7. That's a fabulous rug, and looks perfect for your kitchen!

  8. I am still in a quandry after doing some quick research on google as to the style, it is handmade wool and from Iran
    I have taken more photos and posted them...let me know if you can help!

    LPC- Will you email me a picture of your rug and any clues on how to tell about the dye?

    Araminta-It's such a classic quote! Trust the British to be so matter of fact.

    Roses, Lace and brocante- I visited your blog today, your project looks lovely!