Friday, June 18, 2010

Stand alone tops....inspired by LPC

LPC posted recently on her blog about Stand Alone Tops...
I love love love the Laundry by Shelli Segal white top that Lisa owns and I commented that I would buy it in a heartbeat...

I do have 2 tops which I consider to be "stand ins" for stand alone tops!
Both are by Eddie Bauer...
a store which is based in the Pacific Northwest.
The clothing is reasonably priced, comfortable, basic, and casual.

See what you think...

Loose Linen for hot weather
I will wear this with leggings or a pair of white capris that I forgot I had.


I do not like to wear tight tops as they do not flatter my expanding middle.
I have tried those shapers that are meant to smooth... 
and minimize 
(they don't work for me and they inhibit my ability to take a breath)
and when the weather is hot they are positively stifling.

I prefer fabric with some weight to it...
those thin Tee's are for the fittest of women
with the tautest of tummies.
(not me anymore)

What camouflage tricks do you employ when dressing to flatter?

"Some women keep their youthful figures; others not only keep them, but double them!"
 from the book 20,000 Quips and Quotes by Evan Esar


  1. To camouflage? Well, I have parted with a lot of belts. I know, I know, a correctly placed belt defines well the part of you were there is supposed to be a waist. My waist ( I still have one ), is quite high, as I resemble a frog- all legs and arms. It is actually liberating to not wear a belt; instead , I have used a matching colored ( to the top ) long scarf on my hips, knotted on the side. It feels ok; bit like the feeling you have, if you tie an extra sweater on the hip area. I camouflage myself from me, with this " trick".

  2. Lovely tops Hostess especially the long sleeved linen one - looks so comfortable.. I camoflauge by layering quite a bit - shorter, short sleeved tee shirt over a longer, long sleeved one for example... seems to work!! x

  3. hi leslie,

    i love that first top, it looks perfectly comfortable.

    i really hate too tight anything these days. i love to wear a white shirt untucked with jeans or shorts even. it's my go-to comfy look. if i stand the collar up a bit it actually manages to look a bit classy.


  4. Dear Hostess, lovely tops, I like them both, Love the blue tunic, great colour and style. I would like to try layering, but find it takes a lot of thought, but hey, what a great excuse to do more shopping!!..Bx

  5. metscan-Belts are tricky indeed! The scarf trick sounds perfect for you.

    Semi Expat- The layering does it get hot? Or are the tees very fine and light?

    Gardener's cottage- That is a classic look...
    I can visualize you wearing that with your new cute hairstyle!

    I see Candace Bergen in photos using that technique and she has a scarf or an interesting necklace at her neck.

    Blighty-Thank you I think I might prefer the blue one shop your blog!

  6. Right now it is quite hard to camouflage anything at 8 months pregnant :) But I'm loving tunics as they are comfortable, flowy and flattering with leggings!

  7. Daily Connosseur- Embrace your shape! As a new grammy I can tell you babies are so wonderful and so worth the wait.