Monday, June 21, 2010

Garden tour highlights...

I recently went on a garden tour...
I love gardening and all things garden-y...

I find such beauty in flowers and greenery,
it feeds my soul.
Ideas and inspiration flow...
after one has been on a tour of gardens.

Outdoor "rooms" were created by the talented green thumbs...
not only did I glimpse fabulous plantings, I saw cozy seating areas and dining spaces...

These chairs just beg to be sat in...
 I can place myself there...
with a mug of tea...
for a few minutes...
before spying a rogue weed that needs to be pulled!

"A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered"


  1. Outdoor rooms are the best Hostess and these are lovely.
    A good book is all you need now!!

    Have a wonderful week.


  2. Beautiful! Now I am getting exciting for the garden tour I am going on in a few weeks!

  3. You "zoned in" on exactly the features I would have gravitated towards! I'm very excited to attend our first garden tour of the summer this weekend (actually, it is a home AND garden tour). Hope to capture and idea or two to incorporate in our yard.

    I really like garden "rooms" and special seating/eating areas.

  4. Lovely. I like the old pots and pieces of outdoor furniture, as they are so in their element in these gardens shown. Are there lots of insects in the garden?

  5. Jeanne-I have a good book I just need to stop weeding and sit for a bit!

    Suburban princess-Enjoy the tour, hope it's a sunny day.

    Rebecca-Hope the tour is fabulous...and the houses too!

    Metscan-Mason and honey and bumble bees, slugs, snails, beetles, are common in my patch.

  6. Just coming to your blog after reading your comments on Mette's blog, Hostess, which I've enjoyed...your home is beautiful, with the abundance of flowers, and your cat is a movie star.

  7. Charlotte- Thank you so much, I hope that you'll visit again.