Monday, June 28, 2010

Dressing for The Local Theatre Guild Production....

Mother and I took in the last of our season of plays by the Local Theatre Guild...we do so enjoy seeing talented locals on stage. The theatre is small, quaint and the productions promise to be lively and entertaining.
There is a fund raising campaign to replace the seats and to help support the Guild.
 Local provincial funding for the arts has been drastically cut and so everyone is scrambling to find funding.
I suggested that Mother write a's tax deductable, and she can afford it.
(It may or may not happen, I just planted the seed... she doesn't like parting with her money!)

I wore these...
Black top is by Marz

and these...
Sofft sandals
(OPI Peru B Ruby)
Banana republic pants

and a smile!

Mr. HB and I have season tickets to another local playhouse...
it's affectionately known as "date night"...
It's a Wednesday evening performance and we sit in the balcony...
we go to a local eatery and then to the play.
The plays are rather edgy and sometimes raw, once in awhile there will be a musical...
they are definitely "arty"
Some we like better than others, it's the exposure to something a bit different, a bit out of our normal comfort zone that makes these worth seeing.
(It definitely makes for good conversation!)

Speaking of pairing of diamonds and pearls has been influenced by Carrie Bradshaw...
she so obviously and blatantly pushes the envelope when it comes to fashion...
so I am emulating Carrie...
but in a conservative way!

I do not want to take myself too do I?
it's all about fun!

Have a super week.


  1. Hostess, you absolutely look too cute with your curly hair and your playful smile! A perfect pedicure too. Thank you for giving me the idea of going to theater with my husband every once in a while. It will be a new experience for us to share together!

  2. Nice pearls, lovely diamond, and a beautiful smile!

  3. You look great! Love the pearls/diamond combo. This makes me wish Hubby and I still subscribed to the theatre. Maybe we'll do that again someday.

  4. hi leslie,

    let me just say that i just love you. i love your honesty and playfulness and you are just downright darling. i really mean that. i have come to love every post you put up. i love that you have your date night and support the local artists. we have a couple of outdoor theatre festivals here in redlands every summer. one of them is right across the street from our house in the middle of the botanical park. it's a lovely theatre that runs 6 weeks long in the summer. we love having people over for dinner then fill our wine glasses and walk to the park. it's wonderful. and you are always inspiring me to be a better blogger btw.


  5. Sounds like lots of fun! I try to see lots of plays around here too :O)

  6. You look absolutely beautiful Hostess...well done you!
    Love your date night concept :)


  7. Oh my all have such lovely comments...
    thank you...
    I thought that my pearl and diamond combo might get elicit criticism...I was even prepared for it. are much too kind and I feel we are kindred spirits in many ways. You inspire me...from your mission of not spending to your elegant and classic wardrobe to the chic decor of your cottage.
    I love that you can walk over to the outdoor performance by crossing over to the park and take your wine with you!

  8. Dear Hostess, you look lovely in your black with your pearls and diamond, great combo! It reminds me of the necklaces I think Vivienne Westwood did to go with her corsety clothes..Also I am loving your chic sandals and pretty painted toes. And your hair is gorgeous, is it naturally curly? I love curly, as I have straight, straight hair.
    Bx P.S. I am not a stalker, honest.

  9. You look fabulous darling! You are definitely channeling Carrie! Love it!