Monday, June 7, 2010

Art and Earth, a gardeners quest.

Jude the Obscure

Hey Jude!

I cannot get enough roses in my garden.
I love them.

When we first moved into the Bungalow nearly 30 years ago there was a thriving crop of blackberry bushes, tall unmowed grass and invasive morning glory.
It was a war zone.
We worked hard at getting rid of the weeds...
many many hours of "sweat equity".
I really dislike the word SWEAT!
but perspire equity just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Our Bungalow Garden is constantly evolving and changing.
Most gardeners that I know say they are never really finished designing their patch that there is always something to tweek or change and a good weeding is in order.
We are a funny bunch.
We are modest and when someone raves about our garden, we find fault in one's difficult to explain...we are never at rest...always striving.
It's a quest for beauty I suppose, not perfection.
New plants tempt and woo us are popping up in Garden Shops as fast as they are being hybridized.
It's a fashion show of sorts...
that new Black Mondo grass is divine
and newest variety of euphorbia with it's variagtion is sublime.

I stumbled upon a new (to me) Garden Shop this weekend
and fell instantly in love.
The pots and garden accessories made me swoon,
I gushed,
I rambled on to the owner and Mr. HB as I whirled swiftly through the plant displays.
I felt giddy!
It was intoxicating and exciting to find such a treasure trove of art and earth in the same place.
It reminded me of Thomas Hobbs' garden shop.
I will go back...

Foxglove with a different agenda!

I let these reseed themselves and they are star performers.

Peony alba

Clematis Nelly Moser


  1. What a lovely garden, I love roses, I have managed to plant a couple of bushes now and they seem to be going well; the peony is amazing, but can't forget the terrible misunderstanding a friend's father had - he invited a new lady friend over to look at his peonies, she got the wrong idea over the phone and took fright, he never saw her again. Bx

  2. hi leslie,

    i adore your garden. i love peonies and it's too hot here for them, so i admire them only in pictures. your foxglove is heaven. i have 2. that's right 2 and i thank my lucky stars for them. they just don't thrive here. thanks for posting these lovely pics.


    ps ~ and the roses are gorg too!

  3. I love your garden too!!
    Just imaging what those roses smell like....
    Lucky you!!!

    jeanne :)

  4. I just discovered your blog. It is the most beautiful and elegant blog I've ever seen. I am so pleased to be here!

  5. Oh, those Jude the Obscure roses are so lovely, and peonies - my favorites. The house next door has two neglected peony bushes by the garage. The owners who planted them are long gone and the current renter, while great about cutting the lawn and weeding, doesn't seem to care for them. I've snuck across the yard to steal blooms in the past (before the owner's kids found a tenant) but this year admire only from afar.

  6. A beautiful white peony! Tell me, do you talk to your flowers? What is the secret?

  7. Blighty- That peony story made me laugh!

    Gardener's Cottage- You must be able to grow lots of amazing plants that we cannot...when I was in Pasadena on holiday we saw jade plants outside, Daturas, and many was quite a surprise.

    Jeanne- The roses I grow MUST be fragrant!

    Ozarks Crescent Mural- You are most kind, thank you and Welcome!

    Artful lawyer-Peonies are lovely but they do not last long for me if I bring them indoors.

    metscan-I do not talk to my plants, I use organic compost!

  8. I'm a gardner too! Loved your garden love your bungalow.



  9. My Grama's Soul-Hello...I just finished writing a post about my grandmother and I saw your comment...