Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paint it Black

I spied this vintage wicker rocker on the boulevard with a FREE sign on it!
I didn't hesitate 
I stopped driving and popped it in the back of my Volvo wagon.

It took two coats of paint 
a seat of plywood cut to fit by Mr. HB (thank you darling!)
and a cushion will be purchased at Pier One
to match the ones on my front porch.

I am going to put the new rocker in the backyard 

Remember this freebie?
I picked it up on the boulevard and painted it black.

I will place this near the rocker

This stool needs to be tucked into the garden with a large plant on top.

I am placing a bowling ball on top of this stand
then tucking it into the perennial border.

Strolling around while the paint dries...

I love these foamy flowers

They contrast with the foliage

Wooly Thyme
these play a role in my next project...
slate pieces are to be laid down to form a bit of a garden path
near our "working area" of the garden.
and these will be planted in between the slate to form a living carpet.

I need a place to sift soil, compost, and store my wheelbarrow
so Mr. HB erected a bit of lattice fence to hide and define this part of the garden.
I'll take some photos when I complete the job.


  1. Wow, great spotting! We just hauled two 80+ yr old wicker chairs (from my parent's cottage) down from the garage eaves and painted them dark red, for our front porch.

  2. hi leslie,

    what a great find to add to your collection and it was free. my favorite word these days.


    ps ~ meanwhile i had a very vivid dream last night that you were in!

  3. I found the twin to this rocker on the street about 4 years ago, brought it home, painted it up, and it's in my dining room now--in a happy corner where in an ideal world I'd sit for long hours with a cup of tea and a book. I'm afraid it's mostly where the dogs hang out to watch us eat, but it's still a gorgeous chair, as is yours--and I love the sleek black paint!

  4. Your creative juices are really flowing! Great finds and re-purposing!

  5. The foamy flowers are gorgeous. And I hope a certain grandchild will get some rocker time?

  6. What a fab find that chair is, looks great! Bx

  7. Duchesse- May I see a photo please? Love to see them on your porch!

    Janet-What was the dream about and what role did I play? email me please!

    Charlotte-They must have made hundreds of these chairs, they are classic and surprisingly comfy.

    Rebecca- I feel very fortunate...I guess I am in the right plave at the right time.

    LPC- They are called Rogersia and like adamp shady area.

    Blighty- Merci! Your blog posts are getting more clever every day...I LOL when reading them!

  8. Great find Leslie! I'm all about, painting it black! lol.

  9. duchess of H- I am really loving black these days...weird because it used to be white!
    Any new handbags and how are things on the homefront?

  10. You are keeping your eyes open! Not everyone spots beauty around them, and I´m not only talking about material things. Good for you! We too have wicker chairs in our dining room ( + cushions ). Morty, regardless his size, occasionally sits on them ( I see the paw marks )!

  11. Great coup! Matter of fact, you have a nice collection of coups there. :-)

    Like the black motif. I paint my outdoor chairs purple. Not the wicker -- they're white -- but the metal ones.