Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am hooked....

Once in awhile I pick up a book and get "hooked"... it's what good writers do.
They hook you and reel you in like a helpless fish on a line.
It is the most experienced and skillfull writers who are able to hook us.
(I consider myself to be somewhat over read and jaded.)

When I pick up a book I expect milque toast...just try and woo me with words, I dare you!
I am not a book snob, I read all and sundry...
I read for work and yearn for pleasure...
So I am over the moon when I find a clever writer who has the ability to take me away on an unexpected journey...
It starts so innocently with a sentence, then a paragraph and a chapter or two later, I am giddy.

Last night I was more than somewhat weary...
it was a gruelling week at school...
my time, most of which was spent, hiding out in the hot confines of the bookroom with trolleys full of textbooks...
I soldiered on late into the afternoon...
sustaining myself with glasses of cold water with lemon slices.

I came home knackered...

Mavis Cheek to the rescue!
Cheek is a brilliant writer...her use of words and imagery is above and beyond the norm.
I have indulged myself...

Ah! the luxury of lying in bed reading on a sunny morning,...
sipping a coffee delivered to me by Mr. HB...
pinch me, but I digress.

I had to pry myself from the's a page turner...

I have other domestics calling and an afternoon at the theatre with my Mother...
our last of the season.

I will be sneaking as many moments in as I am able to continue reading this refreshing and new to me novelist.
You might not hear from me for awhile!

What author or novel are you reading?

Are you hopelessly hooked like me?


  1. I am having trouble in concentrating in reading a book. My therapist said, that it is a sign of still having depression. I used to love reading, but somehow now the interest has vanished. Maybe I think subconsciously, that using all that time on myself is selfish. I know, this all may sound weird. I´ll have to consult my doctor in this matter after her holidays.

  2. Dear Hostess of the humble Bungalow: I have read all of the novels by Mavis Cheek - and my absolute favourite is "Mrs. Fytton's Country Life" - a real marvel! Thank you for reminding me to read that again when I'm back in Hamburg - the book is really hilarious and (!) full of insight. Britta

  3. Dear Hostess, I have never read any Mavis Cheek, you have really inspired me to read her, partic this book - I love the cover, is that Anne of Cleeves on the back? am intrigued. I have added this to my wish list of books. i love having a great book on the go, i have just started Double Drink Story, autobio by Dylan Thomas's wife, also I love the Robert Parker Spenser detective novels; and have just finished all the Provincial lady books. Bx
    P.s. see you like David Austin roses, I saw some beautiful ones at a garden centre the other day, including a pink one called Anne Boleyn ( to continue the Henry VIII wife theme!)

  4. Just finished a wonderful book called "The 3,000 mile Garden" by Leslie Land and Roger Phillips. It is the correspondence between two gardeners, one in New England and the other in London, in the 1980's. One of those books that I didn't want to end. I'm adding Mavis Cheek to my reading list~I'm intrigued.

  5. metscan- I went through a patch like that myself pre-menopause...
    found a book which is a daily journal of inspirations which led me out of the dark...Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I read ever so slowly, savouring the words, and it felt like chocolate melting in my mouth...and before long I was back in the light!

    Britta- I am going to find and read all of her works! I'll try for your favourite next!

    Blighty-You mighty be interested to know she refers to England as Blighy on page 134! LOL and yes it is "Anna" (as she was known) of Cleves by Hans Holbein...good for art major perchance?

    Bonnie- I have added that book to my summer read list, Thank you and welcome to the Humble Bungalow!

  6. Spell check would have helped here I meant BLIGHTY
    Apologies and bowing humbly from here...sorry!

  7. Hello Hostess!

    A new author for me to discover.

    Thank you, I will search out Mavis when I next go to my local secondhand bookstore.

    SSG xxx

  8. Thanks for the tip! I wandered through all the stacks at the library last week and didn't come home with one book to read. I'm languishing.

  9. You sold me...I am there, thanks for the tip!
    Also love how you read in the morning, me least on Sundays!


  10. I've never read anything by Mavis Cheek but I'll certainly try. Right now I'm reading The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.

  11. hi leslie,

    i want to tell you that i went to my library today and picked up mrs. fytton's country life by mavis cheek and i'm completley smitten. i don't want it to end! and i have been in a terrible reading slump. this book, hopefully is dragging me out of said slump. i can't thank you enough. seriously.


  12. SSG- Happy hunting!

    Rebecca, Jeanne and Maggie-Let me know if you enjoy them.

    Janet-Oh that's great!! and I am happy to pass this author on...Mrs. Fytton's Country Life is next on my list andI am more than halfway through Amenable off to bed early to read some more!

  13. I'm reading, Pierre Berton's, The Great Depression. Not exactly your typical light summer read; but I struggle when it comes to current fiction.

    I buy the popular 'chick lit' to keep in my library at the cottage; but rarely can get past a few pages.

    I'll pick this book up too, and give it a go.