Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunny daze...

The sun is out and the weather is warm...
there is a small breeze and the birds are singing.

 I had a lazy start...
I enjoyed a leisurely coffee and read the local paper.

I did some deadheading and weeding.
Mr. HB and I went for a walk.
We took the overland route to the market.

Our rooftop is not visible here
this is our neighbourhood

Looking east

Looking west

Looking south
A glimpse of my mothers' condo is at the top right

Red poppies

Large crepe like petals and when open reveal a lush bounty within...

Reminds me of a sea anenome...

My garden is a combination of native and non indiginous plantings.
I have successfully cultivated some parts 
and other areas have a different agenda!
I learned early to pick my battles...
I cannot tame every inch, I have a limited amount of energy...
and besides there's always a good book beckoning...

I often wonder what the settlers saw when they first landed..
a dense forest of trees, 
rocky outcropings, 
hills and beaches...
it must have been magical.

Enjoy your weekend whatever you do.


  1. I am loving your view and your neighborhood......not to mention the poppies!!!!!


  2. The landscape pictures are wonderful! I had no idea. What a wonderful place to live in!

  3. it just looks so beautiful where you live!Bx

  4. Beautiful views and lovely photographs especially the Poppies... Very special to me as my daughter's name is Poppy. x

  5. Beautiful pictures- and that view! spectacular xxx

  6. hi leslie,

    i love your neighborhood. your life is perfection, or at least it looks that way. i'm jealous!


  7. You have magnificent views from your house. Wasn't it a gorgeous weekend!

  8. How utterly BEAUTIFUL! I want to live in the condo wit your mum x

  9. Breathtaking views! no wonder some of my friends refuse to move back to Ontario.

    I love poppies, and can't wait for the day, I can start planting my own gardens.