Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ship Shape...a floating boating post.

The weather is HOT HOT HOT!
I am keeping my cool by wearing cotton frocks and I have donned a pair of shorts.
I just hope that The Fashion Police have taken the day off.
I am showing much more skin that I usually do and feel a bit vulnerable.

Grey mix of batik type pattern
loose and cool.

a water mister for a quick shot of cool

~ ~ ~

 now for a few snippets of life aboard ship

I love to coil our dock lines.

polished chrome scoops bring air in to cool the engines

our cozy V berth

screened "air conditioning" above
our personal sky light if you will

a view from the deck

We are moored at Poet's Cove Resort
pools, hot tubs, a pub, restaurant, cafe and a Spa
all here at our fingertips.

Mr. HB has been working his summer daytime job as The Crab Man
he brought in 3 for our dinner tonight
we'll sit and pick them leisurely while sipping a cold beverage
and I made a batch of "prawn sauce" which we love on all seafood.

Prawn Dip

1 cup mayonnaise
2-3 tbsp. grated fresh ginger
2-3 tsp. soy sauce
mix and chill ahead to allow flavours to blend.

Lovely daughter will be joining us tomorrow
we have lunch at a Gulf Island Vineyard planned
and there will be swimming
and perhaps a visit to the Spa!

Hope that you are keeping your cool.
Stay hydrated until next time.

Your Humble Hostess
reporting from our Chris Craft Constellation.


  1. Your craft looks ship-shape! When the heat is on, I think the Fashion Police can give us a reprieve. I'd love to be sitting on that deck, enjoying some crab about now.

  2. Thanks for your posts from the boat! I'm just a tad envious :)

  3. That sounds absolutely delightful! This prawn sauce looks like a keeper and I will test it on some Maryland blues. Enjoy your adventure with your daughter.

  4. Thanks for the prawn dip recipe.

    Your summer is looking awesome from here.

    SSG xxx

  5. How lovely- that prawn dip sounds amazing x

  6. Love the sound of the Poet's Cove Resort...I imagine people sitting around reading poetry... raising a glass of Pimm's to you....have a fun time with the family.Ida

  7. The seafood dip sounds perfect, will definitely be trying it out. How wonderful to have all these charming places to visit by boat. Your Chris Craft looks like perfection, relaxes me just to look at it.

  8. life on your boat sounds positively heavenly to me. i'd never sell it! but if you do, sell it to me:) xo janet

  9. You are on my dream holiday, I'm going to make that dip too, see you when you get your land legs back.

  10. I think you were on your houseboat when I first discovered your blog...such a life is so enchanting to my eyes.

  11. Poet's Cove is a wonderful anchorage. We were there several times in our sailboat. Alas, the boat is gone for now, but we're hoping to get another in the future.
    The Gulf Islands are so wonderful for exploration. I hope you enjoyed your vineyard luncheon.

  12. Dear Hostess, forget the fashion police, I think you are LOVELY, shorts or whatever.
    Poet's Cove, what a wonderful name. Who is/was the poet? And hot, hot!! Spare a thought for cold, wet, shivering me!

  13. What a lovely, carefree update from your holiday!

  14. Oh, I'm sure you had such a lovely day at the vineyard. A bit more pleasant now that the weather's cooled down a bit, but I hope we still have another week or two of summer . . .

  15. I loved your holiday blog!
    We looked at a Chris Craft at a boat exhibition a few years ago and I really liked its versatility, sadly not easily available in Europe. There is so much choice in boats! Instead, we have a tiny Vintage day-sailer and take that on Lake Constance instead - very stylish ;)