Sunday, August 19, 2012

Home sweet home...

Our holidays have come to an end and we are home safe and sound.
I am buried under a mountain of laundry and have lots of catching up to do...
the cats were really glad to see us.

Our house sitter did a great job keeping up with the watering of the garden and she was able to harvest some beets, swiss chard and zucchini.
The sweet peas are glorious...
I ran out with my secateurs and grabbed a handful.

bliss in a vase

water colour pastel shades

Chester has spent most of the afternoon on Mr. HB's lap.
He loves to find a sunny spot for his nap.

View from the cooktop through the window
Ball sealer jars on the ledge.

My BFF called me today to tell me a co worker had died tragically.
She was our age.
Her work mates are getting together tonight to support each other in their grief.
Monday morning in the office is going to be difficult.

My heart goes out to her family and all her friends...


  1. I am happy to hear you are home and enjoying your garden.

    So sorry to hear of the death of your friend.

    Keeping you in prayer

    Helen xx

  2. Glad you are home safe and sound. Sorry to hear the sad news, such a young person ..
    Btw, the view from the window shows a lake or sea for me, although there is neither, is there?
    Did the cats behave nicely, while you were away; no broken vases or likes?

    1. The view is out the window to our deck..the Ball sealer jars are a shade of sea blue.
      The cats did get into some mischief...the little kitten Chester bent the hands of my lovely Emma Bridgewater clock in the kitchen so a repair will be in order.

  3. Welcome home,what a nice vase of Sweet Peas,also thought the view was of the sea,must be a mirage through the vase.

    So sad to hear about your friend. Ida

  4. So envious -- I can smell those sweet peas! Despite the best intentions, year after year, I never manage to get them in. We always seem to be away or too busy when that should be happening.

    I'm so sorry about your husband's co-worker. Loss is ever in our midst, reminding us to savour the present and appreciate what we have. . .

  5. oh dear...I am so sorry to hear the loss of your co-worker/friend. Your sweet peas look lovely on a happier note.

  6. I don't know why, but I often find at the end of a holiday trip, that I come home to some unexpected bad news.
    I've began to be almost superstitious about it. I've talked to a few friends, and they have the same thing. Weird. Anyway, I'm sorry about this tragedy, and hope it doesn't take away from all the pleasures and joy you had on your boating trip.
    I love sweet peas.


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