Saturday, August 11, 2012

Persols and snippets on the high seas...

We are aboard our 1957 Chris Craft Constellation cruising the salty seas.
It's a quiet pace and we keep the days simple.
Meal times are 10am 2pm and 8pm...
it just feels right when on vacation to sleep late
and our bed is ever so cozy.

Our boat is 35 feet but inside is a compact space
with bunks in the V berth, a dinette in the salon and a settee.
There is not a lot of storage space so one needs to stow things carefully and keep clutter to a minimum.
The galley consists of a 2 burner stove and a fridge and a small wash basin.
The head has a shower, sink and toilet.
Most of the living space is outside on the back deck.
So we are fair weather cruisers!

our dinette and garden roses

love the sea theme aboard

faux starfish
when we were kids we'd pull starfish off the rocks and study them
we'd also fish for shiners at the dock pilings
catch them and put them in buckets before releasing them

boat gems
aqua and sea glass green

lemons and limes to ward off scurvy!
 lemonade and limeade
so refreshing 
I pop them in a glass of water to add flavour.

I found these Persols in the basket under my sun hats.
I'd completely forgotten that I still had these.
They are polarized which is so necessary for the glare from the sun as it reflects off the ocean.

Here is where I sit to blog.

As I closed the pages on Rules of Civility I wished that I was just starting it again.
It's was a fabulous novel.

Here's a little fluff read
to keep me entertained...

But then there is
cracking crab
dock walks
watching the Ospreys, Blue Herons and Eagles
the Farmer's Market
evening cruises in the dingy
playing cribbage
nibbling appetizers
enjoying seafood
sleeping soundly
lots of action.

~ ~ ~
Must close for now 
the sun is shining
and there's a book calling my name.

I'll post again in a few days...
thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh it looks heavenly! I love the civility of having your fresh blossoms from home aboard the boat.
    We had crab last night as well. Happy sails!

  2. Oh I used to love going sailing with my Dad, we'd pack up food, pick up a few chums and then head to our yacht at the marina and then go off for long weekends, I'd put on 7lbs every single time, best trips ever.

  3. What a lovely boat and living space! (I lived once on a sailboat, but it was still "under construction" and mostly unfinished inside, very rustic. I would have loved a space like yours in which to bob along the waves... Enjoy, hostess! It must be so restorative and relaxing.

  4. That sounds like heaven. My uncle lived on a sailboat with the downstairs very similar:). I know downstairs isn't the right word, but you'll forgive me:)? And, if we ever have a blogger meetup, I vote for a trip on your boat!

  5. How far north do you head? Do give us a shout if you get up to Nanaimo Harbour? We could have a drink at the Dinghy Dock!
    But I imagine you're taking it easy, cruising your way through calm, lovely days. Perfection! Enjoy!

    1. Oh what a lovely thought mater but we are not going that far north...
      maybe a rain check is in order!
      We spent our 25the wedding anniversary there with friends and put a $2.00 bill on the wall...I wonder if it is still there!

    2. We go there very seldom, but next time we're in I'll have a look for your $2.00 bill ;-) And yes, a rain check. We're a bit hectic at the moment with wedding plans, and your pace on the boat makes me very envious -- enjoy!

  6. These are perfect days to be out on the water. Enjoy!

  7. That just sounds heavenly. Happy sailing to you and safe travels.

  8. It looks lovely and I am so glad you are having a wonderful time. You have it decorated beautifully.

  9. oh that vintage boat, how i envy you.

    happy anniversary too. xojanet

  10. I grew up near a large lake in New England. Owning a vintage Chris Craft must be such a treat! I can smell the wet varnished wood from here! Enjoy.

  11. What a perfect vacation. We used have a cabin cruiser and have some wonderful memories of trips and some scary trips when we got caught in storms. Continue to enjoy and relax
    Helen xx

  12. What a great place to be, sailing around and relaxing -- and Rules of Civility was an awesome book!

  13. We had a boat when we spent summers in Martha's Vineyard. About your size, which was perfect. I do miss it, and the wonderful, lazy life aboard. Why does food take so good out at sea?

    1. I think it is all the fresh air! Martha's Vineyard sounds so romantic...great memories though!

  14. Your boat looks very cosy,I am a landlubber,just taking the ferry from Dover to Calais (21miles) I turn pea-green and spend the journey in the ladies!!

    Enjoy your reading,relaxing holiday.Ida

  15. I am SOOOOOOO jealous!!! You are truly cruising in style. Yum: crab and butter, chilled pink wine, a fluffy book, and your beloved laconically floating you on the sea (I assume your toes are red and you are channelling Princess Grace of Monaco). This is my idea of a quality vacation!


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