Monday, August 13, 2012

Galley "creations" are common aboard our wee craft.

Lunch time rolls around and we are famished.
With the invigorating salt air we find ourselves nibbling between meals
munching naughty snacks and our meal time portions tend to be on the larger size...
I am sure that I will gain weight this holiday.

There's a pub up at the top of the dock which serves up fabulous fare
we enjoyed lunch there last weekend. 

I like to cook and doing so in my small galley gives me a sense of satisfaction.
I rustled up a ship board lunch using swiss chard, bacon and eggs...
(vegetarians look away)

fry up pieces of bacon

look in the fridge for some veggies
~ ~ ~ 
swiss chard from our Humble Bungalow Garden
corn sheared off the leftover cob that went uneaten
asparagus spears from the previous night's dinner

after removing the bacon
wilt the veggies 

boil water in a pot 
when boiling add a glug of vinegar so the eggs stay "together"
and poach some eggs

Plate the veggies
top with eggs and arrange the bacon
a hot salad lunch is served!

Mr. HB is out setting the crab traps
we've met up with some boating buddies and they have a sleek new boat
 we dined aboard their vessel last evening
they are off hiking 
they'll be joining us for drinks and appetizers tonight.

I am alone with a cup of coffee
and have done all my boat chores.

One of which was to polish all my bangles 
as they were so very tarnished
 I had no Twinkle aboard so I used toothpaste
it worked brilliantly!

We have been thinking about selling our boat
as we have not been using it very much the past few seasons.
But when we get out and relax aboard her it feels like we are meant to live this life.
We sleep so soundly and ship life is rather carefree...
maintaining a classic takes deep pockets and lots of elbow grease.
Moorage in the boathouse is very dear.
Looking ahead to retirement one wonders if owning a boat is an extravagance that is too expensive.

It 's too confusing to think about just now
so I am going to put these thoughts far away from my mind and live in the moment.

reflections of our boat in the ocean...

The sounds of a seaplane
the seals floating by
the call of the ravens
the gentle hum of the fridge as it cycles
the smell of hot coffee
the tick tock of the ship's clock
the creaking of the dock
the flapping of the burgee in the breeze
the gentle rocking from wake of boats passing by
the scent of lavender from the soap from my morning toilette

is all I need for right now.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. That sounds all so marvelous - the boat, the water, the food!

  2. Wow...what a beautiful picture you painted ! I can totally understand the whole retirement concern, we are in the same boat (sorry). But as you describe the lifestyle, the contentment, I can't imagine how you give that up before you have to.
    BTW-I'm not a vegetarian but a pescatarian, and still remember how fantastic bacon tastes. Yummy looking.

  3. That's an awfully beautiful plate for a galley kitchen, we we sailed, it was a lot more basic, a roll and whatever in the hand whilst up on deck, mugs of tea and whatever mess I could scramble together for dinner - we would eat non stop too.

  4. We always ate bags of carbs, no real meals like this beauty. A lot of non-stop chips and wine. Guacamole for the occasional vegetable.

  5. Use your social security money to keep up your boat!

  6. You don´t have to think about selling the boat on vacation.
    What about your son or daughter, wouldn´t they like to share it with you? The expenses and all..
    Enjoy your vacation.

  7. You're wise -- put the pre-retirement planning on hold for now and soak up your marine life, living as richly as you do while on the water, moment by moment.

  8. Sea air always makes me hungry,think you are really incredible brave to cook in such a small area....I would be in that wonderful pub for all my meals.Ida

  9. It all sounds romantic and magical ~ so relaxing and such fun!


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