Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vogue ~ The September Issue.

Vogue's September Issue is one I always buy.
It's chock full of the designer's Fall Forecast...
new trends, sumptuous wools, tweeds and autumn shades.

I took my issue on a wee jaunt to a local tea room and over a pot of tea I devoured the issue.

I nearly needed to order a second pot of tea as there is a lot packed into this issue.
What a bargain at $6.99

I spent a bit more on this Revlon tube of lippy
a new shade
called Pink Truffle.

I must re-watch Anna Wintour in the documentary The September Issue.
I love her signature necklaces 
how she is perfectly coiffed and clothed 
she comes across as a power house of an editor
a force to be reckoned with...

New for Fall
a nubby tweedy sweater to cozy up in.
Cheap as Chips
because it's made of acrylic 
which was on sale in a local store 
that is going out of business to make way for the Target store that is coming to town.

I also scooped a white tank top
and a pair of dark denim Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans
I like how they fit and they come in Petite so I do not need to take them to the seamstress for hemming.

One outfit that retails for about $60
savvy enough to wear to school 
and more importantly all washable.

I'll be dressing this up with multiple strands of pearls.
I try to add luxe accessories when wearing something less expensive.
~ ~ ~
I'm off to don my gardening gloves and sunhat
and put on some gardening togs
there are weeds that need to be pulled and some serious dead heading to be done
the sun is shining and it's a glorious day in our neighbourhood.

Have a Fabulous weekend!


  1. My daughter took that issue--still in wrapper--off to school. I was not allowed to look! Can't wait till she passes it on to me.

  2. Love your new sweater...lovely color. You are going to look so fashionable!

  3. I'm trying to limit my wardrobe purchases, so no Vogue for me. I am going to visit my local Fluevog store to see the new shoes and boots for fall though.

    Your new lipstick looks fun - is that the colour? I find a new lippy is a good inexpensive hit of style for me.

  4. I'll have to have a look - it's been a while since I bought a Vogue. Your new purchases will be workhorses come fall - you're smart!

  5. I only ever buy the September issue and I've just look through my copy once thus far. I generally make several passes, folding down a corner on the pages of those looks I like. And often, I'm able to come fairly close to some of the looks they picture. I like the outfit you've described and I also like the fit of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.

    Hope you pulled every last weed.

  6. I was reading that same issue at my sister's last night. I don't want to think about the air miles involved in freighting it to New Zealand!

  7. Hello "Hostess of the Humble Bungalow".. I have been reading some of your posts.
    I found you over at "Red Cardinal"..
    I am now following you, and look forward to getting to know you.
    I buy a magazine or two once a month. Home and Garden and gardening magazines.
    Vogue, has always been the best fashion magazine for me.
    wishing you a good weekend

  8. For $13.99 you can have a full years subscription. Which way is the most frugal?

  9. Have a wonderful time in your garden, Hostess, hope you are doing well! x