Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pearls amid the Picasso's

Mr. HB and I were with our friends when we stumbled upon a studio in the most surprising spot on  Pender in the Gulf Islands.
Renaissance Studio is definitely off the beaten path.
The artworks massed here are stunning...
Chagall's, Picasso's and an assortment of contemporary artists make up this collection.
Antiques, collectibles and designer jewelry.

It was in this wee shop that I spied some freshwater pearls,
almost gum ball size and very colourful.

They called my name...
and what could I say but "Happy Anniversary Honey!"
We did have dinner out on the date to celebrate, but these are a forever reminder...
(38 years)

Pinch me...
Dear reader I think I am very lucky!

I have them on my neck and have been wearing them everyday since we bought them.

On another tack I am reading a fabulous book!
The writing is crisp and evocative, the story rich.

If you decide to read it let me know what you think.

We are cruising the salty seas in our classic Chris Craft Constellation and while I am able to produce blog posts for some reason I am having trouble commenting on all the blogs I read.
It's frustrating because there have been so many great posts in the past few days...
marina Wi Fi can be very slow.

Please know that I am keeping current with your blogs I'm just mute for now!

Crab cakes 
for lunch.

A very special visit from our son, wife and their precious daughter.

I am savouring life from the slow lane....

giving gratitude for the multitude of blessings in my life.

Be well


  1. Your pearls are magnificent! Enjoy the cruising!

  2. Really new and interesting colors on your pearls. Yes you are a lucky one! Enjoy!

  3. The pearls are wonderful and I wish I was out on the ocean's waves.

  4. Wow, those pearls are just gorgeous and very 'you.'

    Hope you're enjoying the lovely weather while you cruise around the Gulf Islands! Happy summer!

  5. Stunning pearls! Golf ball sized are so fun and make quite the statement. I love pearls...hard to go wrong with pearls, but you really hit the jackpot !
    The crab cakes look yummy too. Happy cruising!
    PS- I love my Bensimons. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Fabulous necklace! I've been wondering if you were going to manage to get out in the boat, what with the ongoing reno. Enjoy!

  7. Lovely pearls. Unique, like you!

  8. I love freshwater pearls - and yours are beautiful. What a welcome gift they must have been!
    You have perfect weather for cruising - enjoy!

  9. I read "Terms of Civility" last summer and loved it. I recommended it to my book group and it was a hugh hit! I am so glad you are enjoying it!

  10. Absolutely the perfect Hostess pearls. They suit your style to a T. And a cute little redhead. What else could we want?!? Happy anniversary!

  11. Lovely necklace! Must remember that shop if I make it to Pender Island this summer!

  12. One can never go wrong with pearls Hostess and these are beautiful.
    Have fun drifting along on the boat.

  13. I have heard "Rules of Civility" is great- I am now putting it on my list!

  14. I adore those pearls, just gorgeous!!
    And 'Rules of Civility' has to be one of the most entertaining books I have read in a long time! Superb writing, I was so wrapped in the story that I couldn't put it down! Finished it in 2 days!

  15. Have a wonderful weekend. Gorgeous pearls and happy wedding anniversary. x

  16. Love the pearls. Off to see about the book.

  17. What beautiful pearls and a lovely memory attached too, what more could you ask for? Those crab cakes look yummy!

  18. Lucky indeed...the pearls are exquisite! Thank you for the book recommendation. I am curious, are both of the cats with you on this trip, if so how is Chester the novice sailor reacting?

    1. The cats are at home with a house sitter!
      It just made sense not to have the wee Chester aboard when he is so fast and small, he night have gone overboard.

  19. Your pearls are so beautiful...Happy Anniversary! I read Rules of Civility a few weeks ago as we were traveling/moving. I loved it and mentioned it on my blog too!

  20. Loved "The Rules of Civility" and was sad when it was over. It's been about a year, maybe I'll read it again?
    Your pearls are beautiful and congratulations again on your anniversary. Have a great time cruising.


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