Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Savvy sales assistant gets a sale.

Perusing the local boutique in the Village is something I do frequently when on my walking route.
I never look particularly fashionable in my walking attire, it's just your simple basic black plants and a tee shirt with a fleece jacket or my ancient Lululemon hoodie. Today the weather was so mild I did not need one.

The shop is chock full of a bright array of tunics, dresses and tops...
it's actually a vast space and I find it rather challenging to find any one item to buy.

I must have looked exasperated because a clerk rapidly descended on me and asked if I could use some help.
She was very young and her outfit was quite quirky, but cute and I thought hm I wonder if she has any idea what an older gal like me might choose to wear. I must say she surprised me. She had a rather daunting group of things for me to try on which I did in rapid succession and they were all "no keepers" mostly because I am so fussy and I abhor anything that is too tight and I am so short that many things swamp me.
She did give it her best effort and was wanting to find me even more...she wasn't pushy or rude either,
I think she actually saw me as a bit of a challenge!

I thanked her for her time and she smiled.
In her hand was one top that she really wanted me to try.
"What do you think of this?"
"I saw another women try this on and it looked really great on her"...

"Honestly it has absolutely no hanger appeal and the colour is rather drab."
Reader, I did buy it and it does look much better on that it does hanging here and the colour is actually quite nice a neutral backdrop to bangles, scarves and necklaces.
I need a camisole or tank top as the V is far too revealing but that's an easy fix.
It's from the Vancouver BC company Gilmour and is made of Bamboo.
I'll be wearing this with black leggings and a wide array of accessories.

Our little Chester has had a busy morning chasing his toy mice.
I love the way the light is coming in through the French door.
I'm curious, like a cat...
~ ~ ~
Do you ever listen to sales clerks suggestions or take their advice?
Do you feel that their opinions are trustworthy?
Have you ever been convinced to buy something that you later regretted?
I am curious, do you shop alone or with a friend?
Do you impulse buy or plan ahead and go with a list?
Tell me everything!

Gertrude Jekyll
looking fine

"A garden is a grand teacher. 
It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; 
above all it teaches entire trust."
~ ~ ~
Gertrude Jekyll


  1. What a nice top! I like the pockets. I'm slowly learning to "get over" my initial impression of some pieces on the hanger. Especially if they're drapey knits, they often look better draped over our curves which give the garment shape and flow. I'm glad the SA was so helpful without being pushy. It's an art form, I think.

  2. I'm so missing the local boutique I favoured for years. It closed last year and I haven't yet found a replacement. There, the SAs knew what to suggest for me to try on, but I felt comfortable enough walking away without buying a garment I wasn't convinced about, even if they were enthusiastic.
    Sounds as if you have a new resource -- lucky!
    And I can see that top being a workhorse. . .

  3. What a great top - I can see how useful it will be for you. It'll go with a lot of colours (accents) and as you said, it'll be a great backdrop for showcasing jewelry.

    I'm glad you had a good experience with the salesperson. I worked in retail for 17 years, and it is a lot more difficult than most people think! Retail is severely underpaid, IMO.

    I worked for Fairweather - do you remember the 'black store' in Eaton Centre where SportMart is now? That was my store! I LOVED selling women's clothing. I often had customers say, "Oh, you're just saying that to make me buy it." I had to remind them, "I don't want people to say, 'Ugh, where did you get that?'! It's in my best interest for you to like what you buy, so that you come back and buy more from me!"

    I was always very honest with my customers, and there's nothing better than helping someone find something they really love, that looks great on them.

    We will have to do another VV outing, but I have to wait until later in September, as my calendar is jam-packed right now. We should do brunch then a shop! I'll need to start looking for autumn/winter items!

  4. Imo, your newest piece of clothing looks very you: ).
    I shop alone, impulsively and don´t wish for comments from anyone during the process.
    I make bad choices, feeling especially bad, if I am complimented on them. This is a really bad quirk of mine, one which I am trying to solve; why can´t I accept compliments.One reason is, that I see compliments all over the blog, compliments for very odd outfits as well.
    So I guess, it is a question of trusting someone..
    In the meanwhile, enjoy your sweet kitten!

  5. No, I can barely put up with the question " can I help you with anything?" I like to be left to my own devices and will walk out if a second approach is made to me and I always shop alone, I couldn't bear to shop with a friend as I find shopping so so boring, I'm an in out type of shopper. Internet shopping is perfect for me.

  6. I'm best left on my own. The absolute worst person for me to shop with is my sister - and we have so much fun doing other things....but she's a size 2 and will often persuade me to buy something that, when I get it home, looks terrible. It's usually something that would have looked great on her. So, I've learned my lesson. I value the help of a knowledgeable sales assistant.
    I love your top!

  7. I prefer to shop alone.
    If I've missed something interesting and a sales person points it out to me...that's great, but I don't want their opinion of how it looks. I trust my own instincts and since personal style is so...personal, I make my decisions based on my tastes not a sale clerks.
    I shop quickly and usually for specific items when I feel my wardrobe needs the addition.
    Shopping for entertainment can get me in trouble.
    That said, I like your new top. The pockets look like they add nice drape and the color looks very versatile.

  8. Chester is absolutely darling!! How is Pepper feeling toward Chester these days? I love, love, love cat updates!!

  9. I don't actually like to shop all that much, and when I do, I'm very quick about it. I do most of my shopping online, early morning, long before any store is open. The only person who I'll go shopping with is my daughter when she needs something. Luckily she's also very fast about decisions. I like the color of your new top - mud, one of my favorites!

  10. This is such a pretty post. The top is lovely and very versatile. I love a good neutral.

    Your cat is very cute. The roses...sigh. Everything is just so pretty.

  11. Cute top! I like it. And I bet you will style it beautifully.

    I don't like help from sales assistants when I shop. With my height, I think that not many women really get my needs. Dresses don't fit where they should on my waist, pants are too short, skirts are too short, etc. So I like to go it alone. I do like shopping with a girlfriend, though. Especially friends who know how to tell me the truth about how I look in something.

    Cute little Chester...he's adorable.
    xo, A

  12. I agree with Sheila - it is an art; and being in retail myself, nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping someone who was previously "lost" in the clothes sense to find that special something or outfit that really suits them and makes them happy and confident. And it's so rewarding when they genuinely thank you for your help. Love your new purchase Hostess - often its the items that don't have the greatest hanger appeal that are the most surprising. XX

  13. Yes, I have had luck with a sales clerk finding the perfect garment. After all, they have seen the garment on many body shapes by the time I would have arrived, and I like to think that I am not so set in my ways that I will not try a style new to me - I think you will get lots of wear from this top, Leslie. It will work year round in our climate. I am looking for a pair of 'leggings' and some long tops - now I need a savvy sales clerk.
    I, too, have the beautiful Gertrude in my garden and she is ready for her second flush of bloom. Off to have a PET scan today. This body has been looked at from more than one angle!! Peg
    PS - The one added bonus is that we are going to Vanc. on the float plane and I have never flown on a plane with floats before. The sky is going to be so beautiful today and the Straight will be glorious.

  14. I am always impressed by the wonderful clothes you find. This top is so attactive and looks very comfortable. I love the photo of Chester curled up in his bed ~ so cute. Miss Twiggley is laying next to the keyboard as I write this, aren't kittens just the most fun!

  15. I love a good salesperson. Sometimes I want to buy something just to reward them for their hard work.


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