Saturday, August 4, 2012

A drive in the country...

Mr. HB took me out for a spin in his BMW convertible.
The weather was sunny and warm and the skies were blue...
I wore my hat so the wind wouldn't make my bob a massive tangle.

We took the "slow route"
the rural country back road that has hedge rows and farms.

the road is rather narrow 
 often we'll come upon a horse and rider or a tractor
occasionally we'll meet another vehicle
but most of the time we feel that we are alone

I love the feel of the wind rushing by as we drive
the warm sun on my skin
a competent chauffeur at the wheel
 the luxury of being able to soak in all the beauty of the surrounding scenery

Mr. HB stopped so I could capture a few images on my IPhone
I felt it would be fun to share some of these in a post.

a sheep keeping cool in the heat of the sun

a rather stately looking home in farm country

fields and a farm house on the hill
looking down over the valley below

a water tower 

looking through a gate of a kiwi farm

It was a very pleasant day to be meandering about soaking in all the sunshine 
and taking time together
a date of a different type!

I'd love to see some of the sights where you live.
Please consider a blog post of your country lanes, highways and byways.

To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment. 
 ~ Jane Austen ~


  1. Great post Hostess, you've inspired me to do a post like yours soon!

  2. That's one of the things I like to do best in my little Toy Car. This week has certainly been top-down weather. I may take you up on the challenge to post photos of the country roads in my part of the world.

  3. Lovely, lovely post. You have encouraged me to do the same. Perhaps I all manage to entice my hubby to go for a beautiful ride in the country.

  4. Very nice atmosphere ; those carefree leisurely drives in the country are precious moments !...

  5. A perfect quote to end such a lovely post. So glad you're enjoying your neck of the woods. I need to do that more often myself!

  6. How beautiful, being out in nature really recharges one's soul.

  7. I did one just this last week, mostly of the animals I came across, but there is plenty of the surrounding land too! I went with my kiddos looking for photos of cotton for a photographic competition and found a black breasted buzzard!

  8. So beautiful and it's such a nice, old-fashioned idea to just take a "drive". I used to do that with my grandparents, when Los Angeles didn't have so much traffic. I've really been wanting to take a road trip in California, but still convincing my husband (almost there).
    Perfect quote for such a wonderful post.

  9. Beautiful... thanks for taking us with you Hostess! X

  10. My imagine of you are a Hermes scarf round your hair large sunglasses,driving through the beautiful countryside with your handsome HB..very 30's style.Ida

  11. Sunshine, an open road and a BMW convertible, now that sounds like a perfect combination to me, Hostess. Here it is STILL RAINING and the roads are flooded, so it is lovely to think of you traveling in warmth and style. (I've just posted a photo of a road close to my home in Yorkshire - not suitable for an open top!)

  12. I´m working on your idea..
    Great to see different views from your world!

  13. I saw kiwi farm and immediately thought of lots of small flightless furry birds running around...sounds like a lovely day--we had one too in the midwest.

  14. I remember well the kiwis that grow in that part of the world! Thank you for a drive down memory lane.

  15. Thank you for the lovely trip through the country! Your country roads look much like the country roads around here. Except we have grapes and you have kiwis!

    I am sure I will be going on a drive in the country one of these days - will be sure to put a post together in your honor :)
    xo, A