Monday, August 27, 2012

Rose Bouquet...

The garden roses are still blooming, nurtured and encouraged by regular dead heading.
I've been toiling outdoors for the past few days, trimming the ragged edges of the lawn, dead heading the spent flowers and pulling weeds. It's a fine way to get some exercise, bending, stretching and reaching.
I have taken to wearing my Lululemon Yoga gear as it seems to afford the most freedom. Lululemon make a great hairband which I recently picked up at the local store. It's a wide band of cloth lined with some slip proof strips which keep my bob out of my eyes...something which used to annoy me no end.

Climbing Royal Sunset in glorious apricot
below the frothy subtle yellow petals of Jude the Obscure
and in fuchsia The McCartney rose. 

They look so pretty atop the Stickley lingerie chest.

One of my favourite vessels for flowers 
is this Finnish icy crystal vase circa 1970's.

Did you know that roses last longer if their stems are cut under water?
Use your sharpest knife or secateurs for a clean cut.
it has an angled guide which makes it easy.

I sleep soundly and deeper when I have been out in the garden most of the day.
It was a scorcher on Saturday and I had to pop a shirt on so my shoulders would not burn.

The heat was so intense that we were able to sit outside before dinner with not a hint of a breeze from the ocean.
In our area so close to the sea that is unusual.
We can count on one hand days and nights that are hot and still.

My thoughts wandered to a little island north 
and hoped that the weather would be perfect for mater's family 
on the occasion of their son's wedding.

Hope that your week is off to a great start...


  1. Oh, Hostess; roses, warmth - no, heat even! Close to the sea. It sounds like heaven to me!

  2. Love the "green gym" like you! And your porch is so pretty, what a lovely spot to sit and have breakfast or a glass of wine in the evening. x

  3. Your roses are just stunning! Our garden is sadly needing much attention and I haven't had the time...

  4. Gorgeous Roses . . . thank you for the under water cutting tip. I knew about the angle though . . . Beautiful Stickley and crystal.

  5. I love your beautiful roses. I'm sure mine in California are a disaster by now.

  6. I spent all weekend in our garden here in Australia. i have done quite the odd thing and planted some fruit trees in my rose garden! I wanted a bit of height and thought why not, rather than some more ornamentals I picked out the el cheapo fruit trees, down from $40 to $10 each as they are last year's stock- our nursery seems to have a tonne of this years stock left over too!! It has been so spring like on some days and the weekend was devine weather for getting out there in the garden. Now did I read that correctly? Do you really garden topless? or do you wear a swimsuit top or the like? If I gardened that way I am sure I would get much more help from the hubby out there, lol

  7. Aw, thanks for those good wishes, L! They must have done the trick because we had a spectacular day. . . not as hot as a week ago, so the bride wasn't uncomfortable in her long gown, but warm enough to keep us all outside for the entire party.
    Your roses are fabulous -- ours escaped us height-wise, so most of the blooms require a bit too much climbing to clip now. We'll be more focussed on the pruning next year.

  8. I posted on another site that I have garden envy whenever I see the beautiful pictures that you and Leslie of The Gardener's Cottage post. These are no exception. Love your Stickley chest. One of my favorite sales is the Stickley tent sale in Syracuse once a year. I purchased my leather sofa and tweed chair and ottoman there. Saw a headboard that I loved, too. Maybe next time.

  9. Lovely roses! We have also been having some very hot weather. Looking forward to fall...always my favorite season. Your hard work in the garden is paying off in beautiful and profuse blooms! Have a wonderful week!

  10. I wonder if you'll be painting that gorgeous bouquet. If it were in my house I'd have a hard time not carrying it around with me from room to room.

  11. We have had a very poor year for gardens here.
    Our village had an open day for 6 gardens,and they all complained of rain damage to their flowers & vegetables.

    I saw a beautiful 'blue' rose,and thought of you.

    Your porch looks delightful for taking tea,and reading a book.Ida


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