Thursday, August 23, 2012

Faux Fur...

Mother and I went shopping together and I found a great piece for my wardrobe.
It's a bit of a departure from my usual choices, but with Mother cheering me on I thought why not?
It will be a warm layering piece that will fit quite nicely into my classic black, white, and grey basics.
The regular workhorses = dark bottoms and lighter toned tops.

this vest is so cozy

I'll be wearing this vest several times a week.
With my dark denim jeans, black wool trousers, black skirt.
I have a dressy pewter crinkle skirt that I will "dress down" by pairing it with this vest.

Faux fur has come a long way,

I still recall the days of Orlon pile!
I owned a teal faux fur coat in the 60's...
Looking back it was rather disgusting, but I did feel like I was quite the fashionista when I put it on over a micro mini skirt and my over the knee go go boots, which were white shiny patent leather! To top that look off I donned a white felt floppy hat from London! Oh those were the days!

I inherited a fur jacket from the 1940's which I only wear when it snows and the temperatures dip to the minus degrees.
Aunt Tirzah obviously had no problems wearing fur as they were all the rage when she was young, and she had quite the assortment of stoles, jackets and coats.

I see lots of tourists in town wearing fur coats and wonder if it is cultural or if it indicates a certain status or class.

Check out these faux fur vests on Polyvore there's quite a wide variety of styles and shades...
perhaps there is one for your fall wardrobe.

What is your opinion on fur in fashion? 
Would you wear or buy new or vintage fur?

After reviewing what I have written I realize that this is a rather disjointed post...
apologies for jumping about!
I'll press publish all the same as I have windows to wash and errands to run.

Hope you'll come back soon.


  1. That's a very unique piece with a fun texture. It does look quite soft.

  2. And you survived? When I go shopping with mum, it is soul destroying, it's hard for her to accept how she looks at 90 and it always ends in an argument.

    I eat meat, ergo I have no problem with real fur and it's one of the few things that keeps me warm in our winters - though I draw the line at animals farmed solely for their fur in inhumane conditions.

    1. Same here Tabitha, I come home so totally drained after shopping with my mother. Impossible. Luckily now, she seems to like to order out of catalogues, and doesn't want to shop with me anymore.

    2. Mother loves to shop as she has a passion for fashion. She has her moments if a clerk says something looks nice on her and she disagrees...and she is brutally honest if I put something on that is not flattering!

  3. Great to read that your mother is feeling well again.
    Liking the color of your vest, you´ll have plenty of use for it.
    Russians are all over furs, for them it is a question of status. Perhaps in the generation of my mother´s too.
    I have nothing against wearing my fur coat, but would n e v e r buy a vintage one.
    Winters are cold over here. I also wear my down coat gladly.

  4. I have no issues with fur - after all, I wear leather and eat meat. As with most things, I prefer it second-hand and made in Canada, if possible. I have a lovely mink-collared wool swing coat of my mom's from the early 60s that I used to wear in high school.

    I have a faux fur vest, but it's not really me and I'll probably donate it. Love yours, though!

  5. There was such an enormous reaction in England some years ago to the wearing of fur that few women are now to be seen in the large fur coats of yesteryear. There was a very famous campaign image at the time of a model trailing a fur coat along the catwalk leaving behind a trail of fresh blood. Some women in furs had paint thrown at them and shop windows were broken. I've had real fur collars and hats in the past and recall how wonderful they felt next to the skin but these days I think that I would go for faux. Of materials in general though I think that it is hard to beat natural products.

    1. I well remember that time,I had inherited a beautiful fox fur,when I wore it I was knocked over by a young woman..'next time you wear it I will paint you red bitch' that happened in Bond st....I never felt the same about it again,just use to wear it in the grounds.

      I have noticed more real furs creeping back in the last couple of years.Ida

    2. Gosh that's really scary. I hope you were not injured.

  6. I've been looking at cozy vests this past month (online) - perfect for LA. I like yours a lot - great color. No one needs or wears fur in LA, so I can easily side step the problem here, but if I lived in a cold climate - I'd wear real fur, as long as it was humanely raised, or non-exotic/endangered.

  7. I don't eat meat and wouldn't buy fur new, but I do have a vintage fox cape from my mother that I wear. It's fun and dramatic. I'm not a vest wearer, but this looks like it would work perfectly with your wardrobe.

  8. I think that vest will go very well with your style AND your climate:).

  9. You'll have fun with that when the weather gets a little colder - and after today's cool wind I think we'll see fall weather very soon!
    I had my aunt's 1940's raccoon coat when I was in high school, and felt very glamorous! I inheirited another aunts beautiful full-length mink a few years ago but 'traded' it to a teddy bear maker in exchange for a bear made from it. I am not opposed to wearing fur in a cold climate. It just makes sense and anyone who has gone out in -40 in wool and then in fur will know that fur is a lot warmer!

  10. Happy to hear your mother is well again,and out shopping with you....did she drive you in her BMW? Ida

    1. No when I take Mother out I usually drive my Volvo wagon.

  11. Sometimes I think vests look a bit dowdy--but then I wear one and they are so comfy and also cover up my middle. Of course, faux fur is chic--never dowdy.

  12. I don't feel dowdy in this, just hope the Fashion Police will not give me a citation!
    Comfort and camouflage are high on my priority list.