Tuesday, August 28, 2012

French Fragrance from Grasse, a giveaway!

I recently wandered into my favourite shop and was smitten by the fresh crisp scent of Verbena.
There were soaps, scents and lotions in this line from Durance.
I bought one for myself and I thought it might be time to thank all my followers and host a giveaway
so I bought a second bottle for one of you.
Time to give back a little to you because your wonderful comments encourage me to keep blogging.

Eau de Toilette Verbena
The Verbena scented composition is lemony and green. 
It has been made by the perfumers of Durance in the pure tradition of Grasse.
100ml ~ 3.3fl.oz

If you'd like to enter 
you need to be a follower of The Hostess of the Humble Bungalow Blog
and I'd love to know what makes you feel chic.

I'll keep this open until September 4th
I'll draw a name on the 5th and come back and see if it's yours!

I'll need an email with your mailing address at that time so I can pop it in the post.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing about what makes you feel chic!
~ ~ ~


  1. Actually, using my lovely collection of fragrances makes me feel chic, fresh and pulled together. I love french and italian made fragrances and wear some everyday. Thanks for the chance to love one more! p.s. Your roses are divine.

  2. What a kind gesture, Leslie. I hope I can post again now that I have a new computer. Two things give me a feeling of chic every day: lovely, sessional scents and lovely seasonal meals. Clothing and accessories are fun, but secondary for me.



  3. Sorry, that's supposed to be "seasonal", not "sessional"!

  4. I have a spring/summer fragrance and a fall/winter fragrance. I bought a new bottle of the spring/summer earlier in the season and realized it's time to fine a new fragrance. I'd love to try this one!

    Today the scarf in my hair is making me feel chic!

  5. I feel chic when I have the time to thoughtfully make my decisions for the day. What do I want to pack for lunch? What music do I want to listen to while I dress? Which fragrance and lip product? When I am rushed I never feel chic, but if I have the time to consider at my vanity I always feel (and look!) better.

  6. please don't enter me dear leslie but what a beautiful way to thank your readers for reading. you really are the most thoughtful blogger!

    i feel pretty darn chic whenever i come here for a visit:)


  7. I feel chic when I have walk out of the salon with a fresh cut and I'm not retaining any water. ;o)

    I have seen the Durance River -- cuts through the lower French Alps and the high planes of Provence. Lovely memories.

    manon729 at yahoo dot com

  8. Dear Hostess, I enjoy your blogs very much. Don't enter me.......but it's a lovely gesture. When I reached the mid 70's I thought I had given up on 'chic' Didn't buy any new chic outfits (I should live so long to wear them out!)Turns out I have changed my mind! Went shopping, bought some Tiffany jewellery and now I am saving up for a Hermes scarf (it had been on my wish list for some years). I am so glad I read your blog...


  9. A delicious fragrance like this one always makes me feel chic, very rarely ever leave the house without a spritz of something!
    I will keep my fingers crossed, the scent of verbena has to be one of my favs!
    Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

  10. My pearls and my impeccable manners make me feel chic. I certainly hope they're impeccable, that is my goal!

  11. A crisply ironed white shirt, black capris, ballerina flats, well- applied makeup and a lovely scent. I always feel chic when I choose these simple components.

  12. Dear, kind Leslie, this give-away is just so typical you. You wish to pamper us, your followers.
    I´m sure, that you know. that I am on a search for a secret scent search myself, so I won´t enter your game.
    A lovely thought of your´s as always!

  13. Beautiful shoes make me feel chic!

  14. Dear Hostess, I'm alive and finally the fog has lifted following Baby's arrival back in May!!! At this point in time, feeling chic is running myself through the shower and taking the time to lotion from head to toe!!! I may have been absent from commenting, but I have been reading your posts. Hope you are well and enjoying BCs glorious summer!!! Ms Maple xxx

  15. My vintage rhinestone choker is my signature piece...with jeans, cocktail dress, beach cover-up...If you see me, you see Miss Zelda..even named her...She is my application of chic...
    Thanks for providing such a delightful gift...

  16. As others have mentioned here Hostess you are a very generous blogger and have the gift of extending your thoughtfulness far and wide.
    This scent sounds heavenly. I suppose what springs to my mind is the Chanel no.5 I wear most days, and an Estee Lauder lipstick and I feel chic.

  17. Although I don't comment frequently I enjoy reading your blog daily. What a thoughtful give away. I am looking for a new scent and veer towards verbena because it smells so fresh. I feel chic when I've combined a few well edited pieces that fit well and feel luxurious. For example, my white Thomas Mason shirt, a cashmere scarf, one special jewelry item and a little foundation and lipstick and I can be wearing jeans at this point and feel chic. Pilates improves my posture so I'd have to add that to the mix as well.

  18. What a great perfume for your 'giveaway' from Grasse the home of most of the quality scents.

    As I have my own signature scent won't take up your kind offer,thank you for your generous offer. Ida

  19. Good morning Leslie, My name is Leslie and I also live in a bungalow from 1915 that is surrounded by flowers. I feel chic when my long silver hair has been flat ironed and is shiny and smooth, my nails are freshly manicured and my undergarments are fitting properly!

  20. Well fitting lingerie, a good haircut and my favourite jeans and sweater and I'm ready to go anywhere. Verbena whispers to me of Autumn, crisp and fresh.

  21. A nice perfume or a fragrant bubble bath always makes me feel chic.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    GFC Follower as Amy Orvin

  22. You are the most generous blogger! I usually feel chic when I'm wearing boots...not sure why that it, but maybe because the rest of the time I'm wearing sandals that are very casual. Good thing fall is just around the corner.

  23. Wearing my favorite scent and a beautiful scarf makes me feel 'chic' The Verbena scent reminds me of "Gone With the Wind," as that was what Scarlet O'Hara said her mother always smelled of.

  24. Spraying one of my favorite scents (Chanel #5 or Angel by Thierry Mugler) over my head and swing my hair about so that the perfume floats down! Also beautiful earrings and a great scarf..finishing touches that make a difference; always!

    Art by Karena

  25. I've had a Verbena scent from a less classy source that I really enjoyed. Verbena is light and citrussy, and I'd love to be able to try this!

  26. I think it is always chic to walk out the door feeling confident in the way you look, especially when it's a special occasion. A classy fragrance is like icing on the cake--and not too little, not too much.

    A relative newcomer to your blog, I find our "likes" share much in common. Look forward to reading more.

  27. Hello! I am a new reader/follower of your blog, and am enjoying just browsing through all your posts so much. We are close in age, I think, and I am really admiring your clothing choices. It's giving me the push I need to really just go with my gut on style choices. As to what makes me feel chic - I feel great in a pair of slim jeans, a black Vince Camuto sweater, and a wonderful coral scarf one of my daughters knitted. Slim and black, with a pop of color.
    This is very kind of you to host this giveaway, and it sounds like a delightful fragarance.

  28. Wearing well-fitting clothes with simple and classic lines make me feel chic.

  29. Enjoy your blog. Your posts are thoughtful with great reminders.This fragrance sounds wonderful. What a thoughtful gift. I feel chic wearing classic clothes in black with touches of color, pearls and scarves.
    Mary Wyatt


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