Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Saving face on the high seas....

High maintenance beauty routines are not in the forefront aboard ship.
I relax and use less make up
and have given up blow drying my hair.

With a little help from Bumble and Bumble my holiday hair looks just fine.

Skin and sunshine are not the best of friends...over exposure is not advisable.
I recently learned that a very dear friend has had surgery to remove a malignant melanoma.
It's scary stuff and a wake up call for all of us. 
She is doing fine but now limits her time in the sun wears a hat and uses sunscreen everyday.

My skincare routine on board is the same as at home.
I use travel sizes of the Avene products and bring the Olay battery powered facial brush.
Everything is conveniently stored in my roll up cosmetic bag and hangs in the head for easy access.

Eminence Mineral Sunscreen 
a bit of lipgloss
some mascara
and I am ready.

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables gives me a sense of health
that balance out the "naughty salty snacks" that I have been eating.

My current read
is set in Australia
I've just started this novel
and feel transported to another place and another time...

Stay tuned...
I'll check in with you periodically as we move from marina to marina in the sunny Gulf Islands of BC.



  1. Perfection.....that just about sizes up how your post today reads. You are headed for yet more of this glorious weather, so enjoy! We're heading up-Island to a wonderful waterside B&B for a weekend of self-indulgence. I'll wave if I see a classic Chris craft sail by!

  2. Oh you are so lucky to have natural curls...and they look fabulous with pearls...I just had to...who doesn't love a rhyme?!

  3. You're so lucky to have a natural wave in your hair! And there are those gorgeous new pearls of yours!!
    I had melanoma several years ago so do the whole sunscreen and hat routine obsessively. Happy sailing!

  4. Curls - those that have them don't want them, and those that doon't have them want them. I have always wanted them, but our DD has them and finally at 47 likes having them!
    Have fun and enjoy the gorgeous weather.
    Peg, who loves Avene, the roll up make-up bag, and pearls!

  5. Whatever did we do before the introduction of travel size containers for skincare?
    Hope you enjoy the book.

  6. Having lost the top of my nose to skin cancer - I too wear hats all of the time. I also use a nose protector. I have no connection to this company - but use their nose guard and find it very easy to use. It attaches to sun glasses.

  7. Your tales of the sea are getting me in trouble. I keep telling my Mr. how much fun you are having and "wouldn't it be wonderful to trade in our (incommodious) smallish sailboat and get a lovely little Trawler so we can cruise the islands!!

  8. Sounds like a lovely routine. Oh, I am so jealous! You floating preparing to return to the classroom. Hmm......Enjoy!

  9. Don't you love being able to relax our beauty rituals a bit during a summer holiday? My skin is not perfect, but I allow myself the luxury of going without the full makeup routine during the summer. And if my coarse, wavy hair could go without blow-drying, I would be ecstatic. Yours is lovely! Enjoy these languorous days. They are truly a gift.

  10. Your hair looks great this way, why ever blow it dry? Do you have any clothing with SPF built into it? I used to wear the lightweight shirts and drawstring pants on our boat all the time as I get tired of re-applying sunscreen and covering up is still the best thing to do.

  11. I spy with my little eye....your curls and pearls,you look good sailor gel.

    I am envious of your smooth curls,by the sea my hair starts to frizz as it has a the sea has I suppose. Ida

  12. I love Bumble and bumble products. They are some of the rare products that do not have much scent. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have any styling products to use.

  13. I agree with Kathy, your hair looks particularly flattering in all its curly glory, and maybe you should consider it your new preferred styling option! As for that boat, your posts always reflect how rejuvenated you feel when you've been cruising, and it would be a shame to rid yourself of the boat if you two enjoy it that much. Perhaps your children would like to use it, too, and may be able to contribute a tiny bit (knowing this may be a challenge), so they can build new memories with their friends and family?

  14. I may have to try the B&B product!

    I also have recently begun using the Olay facial cleaner/brush and I like it very much.

    I appreciate the words on the hazards of the sun...I always wear sunscreen and avoid exposure to the sun. When I was a teen in the 70's it was all the rage to tan and I was often teased for my pale skin. I'm happy now that I was never enticed to sun bake!

  15. Oh perfect. Thank you for sharing your jaunt. Lovely for those of us bound at the moment to an office.

  16. The Idea of Perfection is my favorite book by Kate Grenville. It seems especially suited to ladies of a certain age and tends to give the old morale a little boost.