Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bathroom reno update and Waterglass Studios

Gracious me it's been ages and we have not had a renovation post update...
Apologies for my negligence but things are going very slowly and there has not been much to report.
The tile is in and will be finished this week then it's a call to the plumber to put in the fixtures and faucets.
Many tradesmen are on holidays so we are at their mercy!

Looking forward to a flush and a shower.
In preparation for the finished space I've been doing my part.
That means shopping for the basic necessities...

subway tiles
(over in floor heat!)

Fluffy plush towels in white

lemon verbena
refreshing shower gel
Canadian eh?

light fixture from Waterglass Studios

laundry area
still in the works
stainless steel topped utility cart

saw and drying rack
keep the old machines company
floors need to have in floor heating coils installed before the charcoal tiles are set
then it will be time to shop for a new washer and dryer
LG is on my radar
a steam dryer for sure so ironing might become a thing of the past.

Things are progressing
thanks to Mr. HB
and his creative vision and design talents.

arts and crafts style letter opener 
hand hammered

These make wonderful Hostess gifts
as they make opening letters and bills so elegant!
You can order them online and there are lovely frames as well.
Waterglass Studio is a great place to shop.

I try to eat an apple a day
I've been raised on the notion that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

 by local artist 
Bryony  Boutilier

I've been sitting around too long and must get something done around here!
until next time...
Be Well


  1. You have such wonderful taste! I love all your decor and accents.

  2. Your renovation is coming along! I really like those subway tiles in the bathroom. And lemon verbena is one of my most loved scents.

    1. I just bought some eau de toilette from Grasse in France in the Lemon Verbena scent and it is so wonderful to wear.

    Your blog is so wonderful and Im following...I hope you follow me also:)

    If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration...check out my blog:)

    Have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria at

    1. I perused your blog for awhile this afternoon, you've got great photos and lovely ideas.

  4. LOVE those subway tiles, very cool! I imagine in-floor heat will be welcome come winter. We're going to have to replace our old washer/dryer soon...have spent more in the last two years on repairs to keep it running that we did for the original machines new! The letter opener is a wonderful example of every day items made beautiful.

    1. Washers and dryers are such workhorses and we need them to be in tip top shape. There are very few laundromats in our city, I cannot imagine having to drive all over town to do my laundry. Happy shopping for your new ones!

  5. I too . . . love the subway tiles. Looks like everything will be lovely. Hubby is quite a craftsman.

  6. It all looks so elegant, but still welcoming. (And I love the red chairs!)

  7. Renovating can be a long slow tedious process but we arrive in the end. You will enjoy the new space Hostess.

  8. I love your floor so much, and as importantly, it won't be too slippery because of the small tiles and the amount of grout. I was a bit worried when you showed your BFF's bathroom reno because of the large floor tiles - not enough traction. Your floor is a really beautiful design as well.

    1. Mr. HB was the floor tile designer so I'll let him know you like it!

  9. It's going to look great, and what fun to be shopping for the little accessories that really finish off a room.

  10. So far, so good. The in floor heating is something, you won´t regret.
    Just keep it simple.

  11. It is looking great! I have black and white tile in one of my bathrooms and I love it. We don't need floor heating here, but in cold weather it must be wonderful.

  12. It will be fab in the end. I just looooove my all in one 10 Kg LG steam washer dryer combo. I actually have 2 and they have just made my life as the washer woman so much easier! floor heating would send us bankrupt here in aus.

  13. Like the wood work round the window sill,have you the subway tiles on the sill? Ida

    1. No plans for tile on the window sill. It will all be painted white because the lower level has only a few windows and they are smallish.

  14. fabulous subway tiles...and just love a fluffy white towel! xv

  15. Love your tiles, they look perfect for the bungalow. I would love to have heated floors. Oh how wonderful they would be in the winter.

  16. It's all looking so beautiful. I'd buy a steam dryer too, if I were shopping in appliance stores again.
    I love the last photo, from one of my favourite fall weekend retreats! I have to cross that red bridge once a year!