Thursday, August 2, 2012

Peaches please...OOTD

Oh how I love peaches.
Maybe it's the soft fuzz of the skin or the sweet nectar that is in every delicious bite.
Perhaps it's that they are only ripe and fresh for a very short time so they are a luxurious treat.

Nothing says summer like fresh fruit.
I love the variety of fruits and berries that are available in season.

                             Did you know that peaches are even better when they have been grilled?
      A simple summer dessert is to serve them grilled with a dollop of Greek coconut yogurt or ice cream.
                                                      Your guests will be begging for more!

I'm going to savour the flavour
serve these with my afternoon tea.

Crabtree and Evelyn cream works wonders on my garden weary hands.

Evelyn is Mother's middle name
I like the sound of it as it rolls off the tongue.

I wore this peachy Teenflo Silk dress and black Hue capri tights
when I met a friend for lunch at Steeples in Shawnigan Lake.

I have had this quartz necklace for several years
I purchased it from Fabrications in Duncan.
If you have never shopped there 
Run Don't Walk!

My OPI Pompeii Purple toes clash with my dress
I fear the Fashion Police will be arresting me soon!
But they may have written me off as I have been so into the home and garden lately.

Gardens Illustrated has arrived!
I can't wait to see the gardens and plantings that always inspire.
I am fascinated by espaliered trees and peaches are perfect growing against a sunny wall.
Wouldn't it be decadent to have a tree heavily laden with fruit ripe for the picking?

Is there a seasonal fruit that you delight in devouring?
Tish Jett who writes a fabulous blog makes a wish every time she takes her first bite of a fruit or berry in season.
I like that idea and think I might adopt that measure.
Just thinking of a wish fills me with hope and promise.

One does a whole painting for one peach and people think just the opposite - that particular peach is but a detail.
~ ~ ~
Pablo Picasso


  1. Just catching up on your last week of posts, and they offer a lovely array of domestic and summer pleasures. Your new bathroom and laundry room are going to be spectacular -- well worth waiting for!

  2. You look lovely in that shade of red - you don't often wear it, do you? And I love that necklace - the two go great together.

  3. Oooh I love peaches - any kind of fruit really but peaches are a favourite. And I agree with Adrienne you do look lovely in that red - really suits you. Have a great weekend. X

  4. I love peaches too, but you've got to take the skin off first. The fuzz is a problem for me:).

  5. Peaches, apricots, plums....I love this time of year. Our plum tree is FULL but I fear that I will have to race the raccoons to the fruit.

  6. Greengages are my latest purchase,(they remind me of that sweet film 'The Greengage Summer'...bliss) I have a bowl of mixed fresh fruit everyday..need my daily sugar rush! Ida

  7. i just love cherries, big fat black ones! we can only get local ones around christmas here, so I usually buy a crate and we just eat them up. At the moment I am buying some very nice USA cherries, and as per usual they are much cheaper than our local Australian ones!

  8. I love peaches too, but also have a problem with the fuzzy skin. Usually eat nectarines instead for that reason.
    Beautiful shade of red on you.

  9. I really love peaches, also. I love when we are in the south during the season for them. Nothing like a fresh Georgia peach. And I love the color peach. Your dress is lovely and the necklace perfect. I loved Tish Jett's French tradition of wishing on the first fruit of the season. Rather like wishing on an evening star. You might introduce Isla to this. It would be a lovely tradition to pass on.

  10. Leslie: Raspberries are my favourite berry, but peaches (dripping down your hands) are my favourite stone fruit. Do you part with your grilling recipe? We do have some homemade vanilla ice cream that would go beautifully with them. Love the dress and accessories - summer seems to be treating you very well - that pleases me. I am having a wonderful summer so far - lots of rest, reading, knitting and good food - the body is definitely healing up for the next procedures. Peg

  11. You have themed your post in a peachy color : ). I agree, very nice on you.
    I seldom eat peaches, they have made a long trip, before they reach Finland. Sometimes, I have managed to find some really delicious ones. You are right, they stay perfect only a small time.

  12. Peaches, cherries, & blueberries are my favourite summer fruits. I could eat them constantly.

    I think I'm going to try the grilled peaches for dessert tonight. Sounds fabulous.

  13. I live in the middle of peach country, surrounded by orchards in the Texas hill country. I adore peaches, and they are delicious grilled. Try them chopped in a salad with feta, or with cream goat cheese slathered in the middle of a grilled half. I also like to roast them in the oven with raspberries. Delicious!!!

  14. Raspberries are my favorite but I do love peaches also - my Mom makes a great sour cream peach pie and I've always wanted to try peach salsa.

  15. That color compliments you very well. I like peaches but seldom find any with real flavor. I actually prefer nectarines and apricots. Enjoy your summer.


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